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Below you'll find statistics on residential listings in Santa Cruz and surrounding communities, updated every day from the MLS, including the average price, average days on market, average price reduction, average price of homes by bedroom, and more. You can also view available properties for any of these communities.

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Santa Cruz County Trends / August 23, 2017
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Med. List Price

Market Snapshot

Total Properties:1100
MoM Change:0.46%
Avg Days On Market:75
Median List Price:$788,000
MoM Change:5.07%
Residential Median List Price:$822,500
MoM Change:2.94%
Land Median List Price:$360,000
MoM Change:-8.28%
Highest List Price:$16,000,000
Lowest List Price:$5,950

Typical Property

Single-Family Home:2.98 Beds
2.47 Baths
List Price:$1,030,939
Price per SqFt:$558.58
Price Reduction:-3.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$505,508
2 Bedrooms:$620,758
3 Bedrooms:$1,029,731
4 Bedrooms:$1,477,578
5 Bedrooms:$1,864,777
Monterey County Trends / August 23, 2017
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Med. List Price

Market Snapshot

Total Properties:1689
MoM Change:2.05%
Avg Days On Market:91
Median List Price:$749,000
MoM Change:0.13%
Residential Median List Price:$759,000
MoM Change:-1.69%
Land Median List Price:$765,000
MoM Change:2.07%
Highest List Price:$62,000,000
Lowest List Price:$5,300

Typical Property

Single-Family Home:3.30 Beds
2.81 Baths
List Price:$1,533,665
Price per SqFt:$891.08
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$730,663
2 Bedrooms:$760,414
3 Bedrooms:$1,239,721
4 Bedrooms:$1,934,410
5 Bedrooms:$3,097,349
Current Homes for Sale
Santa Cruz County
City # Price Range
Aptos 150 $259k - $6.9m
Capitola 47 $59k - $16.0m
Rio Del Mar / Seascape 81 $385k - $6.5m
Santa Cruz 284 $65k - $7.6m
Santa Cruz Real Estate 284 $65k - $7.6m
Monterey County
City # Price Range
Carmel 307 $189k - $17.5m
Big Sur 10 $1.3m - $3.3m
Monterey 324 $209k - $6.0m
Pebble Beach 99 $849k - $41.9m
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