The Beautiful Homes of Scenic Road in Carmel and Their Million Dollar Views

Amazing Scenery at Your Front Door

Scenic Road in Carmel-by-the-Sea is a stretch of road that runs from Ocean Avenue to just past the intersection of 17th Avenue and Valley View Avenue. The road winds down the coast along Carmel Beach and offers breathtaking views of the dazzling blue ocean on one side and unique and quirky million dollar homes on the inland side. Traveling down Scenic Road is an interesting stroll that presents a myriad of things to see and experience in a wholly accessible manner.

The ocean side is easy to explore because of the walkways that lead down to the beach, which makes traveling back and forth from the road to the beach a breeze. Sea lions, otters, whales, dolphins and different varieties of birds are just some of the sea life you may observe in the ocean or on points of land while you walk along the road. The beach offers a variety of terrain such as small rock pools, white sand, cypress trees and large rock formations.

Charming and Interesting Homes All Around

carmel golden rectangle homes for saleIf you want to explore the amazing homes that are further inland, just walk down any of the streets that branch off Scenic Road. These streets will then take you into the neighborhoods of the Golden Rectangle. Homes in Carmel in this coveted area are in high demand and sit in the price range of an average of $2 million to $7 million. Carmel Point homes are uniquely different in style from their neighbors, but they all are similar in luxurious layouts, unique materials and amenities.

If you are lucky enough to be in the market for Carmel homes for sale, then not only will you be able to enjoy periodical walks around Scenic Road, but you will have the daily pleasure that is imparted by the spectacular views of the many points of interest that surround the area of Carmel. Pebble Beach, Stillwater Cove, Point Lobos, Arrowhead Point, Pescadero Point and the Pebble Beach Golf Links are all within sight, and owners of Golden Rectangle homes in Carmel will never tire of gazing at the gorgeous landscape.

More Spectacular Views

carmel point homes for sale Pebble Beach offers a beautiful view from any of the Carmel homes for sale and is surrounded by Stillwater Cove, which is often filled with sailboats that float on its mixture of clear, blue waters and beds of kelp. And, of course, the famous Pebble Beach Golf Links course and Pebble Beach Lodge are within view. The Pebble Beach Golf Links course is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, and you will enjoy the contrast of its lush fairways against the backdrop of the bay.

Another point of interest to residents of Carmel Point homes is the Floyd Wright Clinton Walker House located on Carmel Point  on the southern end of Scenic Road. The Floyd Wright Clinton Walker home was designed by Floyd Wright and finished in 1951 for Mrs. Clinton Walker. This "cabin on the rocks" is 1200 square feet and is based on granite boulders with a foundation made from Carmel stones. The home has a low copper roof that is layered with enamel aqua shingles and is supported by a huge fireplace. The layout is hexagonal and most of the rooms have a view of the ocean. The public can visit the house one day in June of each year.

Point Lobos looks great on the horizon above the ocean because of its dramatic, rocky skyline. The combination of tan boulders and green trees leads to an interesting view that all can enjoy in every season. Arrowhead Point at the tip of Pebble Beach offers another landmark view with its pointed thrust into the bay and is the location of part of the Pebble Beach Golf Links course.

Paradise Found in the Golden Rectangle Homes in Carmel

It is no wonder that the homes in this area are so highly sought after. Rarely is there an environment in an urban setting that marries nature and man so successfully. Natural beauty in conjunction with attractive manmade architectures lends itself to a restful and peaceful setting, one that is sure to replenish your spirit every day that you live in this wonderful area. Whenever the mood strikes, you can walk from your door straight into paradise.

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