Pacific Grove

Favorite Hotspots in Pacific Grove California

Ever wanted to escape your stressful life or wanted a getaway for your family? Then, Charming Pacific Grove is the place to go. This article features a few and must-visit hotspots in Pacific Grove, California, where you can have real fun if you happen to visit.

Asilomar State BeachFavorite Hotspots in Pacific Grove California

Asilomar State Beach is a beach with dunes, beautiful scenery, over 100 acres of forest, and stunning ocean landscapes. Its name is the beach, A Refuge by the Sea, as it is situated within the scenic and fantastic town of Pacific Grove. The beach offers comfy cottages and lodges for visitors. It also provides a beautiful view of sunset hence providing an unforgettable escape from the daily demands of life.

Wild Fish

Pacific Grove has more to offer than the scenery. Wild Fish, located a few blocks from Monterey Bay, offers natural 100% organic and imaginatively prepared seafood with an ever-changing menu sourced by the local farmers and fishers. The food is fresh, exactly what the locals want, making it an attractive neighborhood destination. So, reserve your space now and get the best from Wild Fish.

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

If you plan to visit Pacific Grove in October, Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary is a place to stop. In October, Butterflies cluster together on pines, cypress, and eucalyptus trees. It has been nicknamed "Butterfly Town,"...

5 Reasons to Live in Pacific Grove California

Considering a move to Pacific Grove California? Located between Pointe Pinots and Monterey, in offers numerous Victorian homes, cute little bed and breakfasts, and a wealth of fun and exciting things to do and see. But if you're planning a move you're probably wondering why other people chose to live in Pacific Grove as well? So, here they are, the five best reasons to live in Pacific Grove California.

5 Reasons to Live in Pacific Grove California

#1, Monterey's peaceful coastal neighbor.

Pacific Grove sits on a peninsula just west of Monterey and the Monterey regional airport. It's its own little community, however with open spaces, museums, and a beautiful beach at the Asilomar State Beach Park. While it's obviously still in California, it seems like you stepped back in time with these gorgeous Victorian homes, darling little bed and breakfasts, Airbnb's, retirement communities, thrift shops, and boutiques.

#2. Call is P.G.

Locals call it P.G. but it's usually just to save energy. The Chamber of Commerce has labeled Pacific Grove Butterfly Town USA for the tens of thousands of monarchs who actually spend the winter here. It's America's last hometown for the 15,000 residents a call at home and Life magazine referred to Pacific Grove as America's "Most Romantic City". It's easy to see why as the cover photo on Life showed a pink blanket of ice plant blooming along the coast line, a true love letter from mother nature. This tranquil hamlet has been known as the Mayberry of the Monterey Peninsula. Once you spend a couple of weeks here, it's easy to see why most people never choose to move away. This beautiful little haven at the tip of the Monterey Peninsula, embodies a life all its own. Check out the Monarch Grove Sanctuary...

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