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The Pros and Cons of Living in a Santa Cruz Mobile Home Park

Santa Cruz County is an area of not only varied natural spaces from the beach to the forest and mountains but also in its housing types. You can find a beachside mansion, a tiny beach bungalow, a quiet condo with community perks, a sprawling golf estate, or a mobile home. Recently the interest in Santa Cruz mobile home parks has grown. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of living in a Mobile home.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Santa Cruz Mobile Home Park


Affordable Housing

The Pros and Cons of Living in a Santa Cruz Mobile Home ParkMore and more homebuyers are finding it difficult to purchase a truly affordable home. Some Santa Cruz buyers are wondering if they should purchase a home at all right now or if they should wait. 

Vickie Davies of Knieper Real Estate shares this in a blog article:

"If you are currently shopping for a home and find one that you can afford and meets all of your wants and some of your needs now is the time to put an offer in on it. There's no telling what homes will be for sale in the future in the area you wish to purchase a home. You don't want to end up saying, "Man I wish I would have made an offer on that home I truly loved when I had the chance."

Looking at a mobile home can open up affordable properties to more buyers. They come at a lower price point and require less maintenance costs as compared to other Santa Cruz property...

Can a Mortgage Calculator Help You Budget for a Santa Cruz Home?

Can a Mortgage Calculator Help You Budget for a Santa Cruz Home?Many people use online resources when purchasing a home in Santa Cruz. Some make use of online mortgage calculators to help them budget for a home purchase. A common question some have is if a mortgage calculator actually works. 

Mortgage calculators can be a useful tool when determining what you can afford to pay for your next Santa Cruz home, but as they are machines, they are not perfect, there are some limits to the help and insight they can offer. It is good to know what information a mortgage calculator can offer and where you want to make sure you look for expert clarification to solidify what a home could cost you. 

How Mortgage Calculators are Helpful

It is beneficial to plug preliminary information into a mortgage calculator to get a rough idea of how much a home could cost you and what your monthly mortgage payment could possibly be. Some lending websites will have more than one mortgage calculator tool. This can help you see different types of loans, what things might work out to be, and how they compare side by side. For example: comparing the aspects of a 30-year fixed rate and an adjustable-rate mortgage with the same loan amount, credit score, monthly income, etc. 

These calculator tools give a good insight into a fair expectation of what to expect when talking with a lender. A mortgage calculator can only go off the information given to them, however. There is no introspective insight and extra questions asked. There are many details that a mortgage calculator does not ask for that can make a significant impact on the ability to qualify for a mortgage and what the actual final cost...

Why Hidden Oaks in Scotts Valley is a Premier Community

Why Hidden Oaks in Scotts Valley is a Premier CommunitySanta Cruz County is one of the most desirable destinations to settle into in the state of California. There are so many amazing residential communities in Santa Cruz County and some of them are more highly sought after than others. One of the most highly sought-after residential communities in Santa Cruz County is Hidden Oaks in Scotts Valley. The Hidden Oaks community is currently one of the most googled subjects about the Santa Cruz area. Let's take a look into why Hidden Oaks is a premier community of Santa Cruz County.

About Hidden Oaks in Scotts Valley

Hidden Oaks is a condo community in Scotts Valley California and Santa Cruz County. It is located off of Bean Creek Drive close to the Scotts Valley Junior High School. This highly desirable condo community offers a central location and the feeling that you are living within the densely wooded area of Santa Cruz County. The community is very quiet and peaceful.

Individual units in the community offer floor plans that have two bedrooms and two bathroom layouts on one single level. Condo buildings are just two stories tall. Each unit has a concrete floor including upper units giving the best noise reduction sound quality in multi-family living. Lower condo units on the first floor feature a small fenced-in patio area and upper units include a deck. A popular feature of living on the second floor is the vaulted ceilings in every unit. Every home includes a one-car detached garage and one open parking space. Every unit ranges at around 1000 ft.² of...

A Homeowner's Guide to Changing Real Estate Agents

In the changing realm of estate choosing the right agent can truly impact your experience when buying or selling a house. What happens if your initial pick doesn't quite live up to your expectations? Transitioning to a real estate agent may seem like a task but it's a choice that can significantly influence how things turn out in the market. Whether you're unsatisfied, with the service level, communication gaps or just looking for a viewpoint here's how homeowners can smoothly navigate the process of changing real estate agents.

A Homeowner's Guide to Changing Real Estate Agents

A Homeowner's Guide to Changing Real Estate Agents

Evaluate Your Reasons

Before taking any steps it's important to assess why you're contemplating switching agents. Are you frustrated by the lack of progress in selling your home? Do you feel like your agent isn't attentive to your needs or offering support? Pinpointing these issues will help you express your concerns and make an informed decision going forward.

Talk to Your Current Agent

Communication plays a role in any professional relationship, including the one with your real estate agent. Arrange a meeting or phone call, with your agent to openly and honestly discuss your concerns. They might not be aware of your dissatisfaction. Could be willing to address the issues to enhance the situation.
Before deciding to change agents it's important to give them a chance to fix things.

Real Estate veteran Bill Gassett, owner of Maximum Real Estate Exposure, shared some terrific advice on changing agents.

"Very few real estate agents want to hear their clients are dissatisfied. Unfortunately,...

Reasons to Move to Capitola and Enjoy it All Year

Reasons to Move to Capitola and Enjoy it All YearCapitola California is most famously known for the waterfront Capitola Village. It is a popular spot with tourists and is very beloved by residents. It is a unique spot in Santa Cruz County that offers something special all year long. The summer and the winter seasons are very different but each holds its unique appeal. Let us describe what each season is like in Capitola and why it is a great place to settle into year-round. 

Capitola Winters

Since it is still technically winter, though Spring is on the horizon, let us start with what winter is like in the beautiful small town of Capitola. 

The hustle and bustle of summer tourists and beachfront activities begin to slow and quiet after Labor Day every year in Capitola. Capitola becomes a charming laid-back beach town. Though the weather is cooler and the activities are not as frequent, the weather is still enjoyable and the sunsets, even though they come earlier are just as breathtaking. 

September and October free up the popular beaches and allow those who live here year-round to enjoy the sand and surf with a little more elbow room. It's like that feeling of your family coming for a visit. You love it and it is full of laughter and energy and fun times, but when they go back home, you can get back to a more relaxed way of living on a daily basis and enjoying your favorite space on more relaxed terms. 

The "off-season" allows for shorter wait times to get into the most iconic Capitola restaurants on any day of your choosing. The...

Recycling Materials From DIY Projects in Your Santa Cruz Home

Recycling Materials From DIY Projects in Your Santa Cruz HomeAs you make improvements around your Santa Cruz home you may find that there are extra materials left over from those projects. Sometimes you will want to retain some extra materials in case you need to repair but in some cases, you may not need as much material as is left over.

What can you do with these leftover materials? Some may fit into the garbage, some may not, and some may be allowed to go into your regular garbage but some may require special actions to unload the product. Here are some helpful tips for getting rid of scraps from home improvements in your Santa Cruz home.

Wood Scraps

Several different projects require the use of wood and the scraps can pile up quickly as often projects using wood materials require cutting wood down into custom shapes and sizes to fit your project. If you don't have a use for them and they are taking up a lot of space you can unload wood scraps in many different ways.

For larger pieces that might be reused for other projects, you could consider selling them on social media and other reselling groups such as Offer Up. You could also consider donating scraps to salvage yards and charities like Habitat for Humanity. You can also offer the scraps for free on a social media site or in a buy-nothing group. If a wood scrap is small enough it can be added to a compost pile.


Tile is a great material to retain scraps for repairs in your home. If you have a significant amount of tile scraps or have removed...

New Construction Santa Cruz County Homes- Which Type is best for You?

Some Santa Cruz homebuyers are looking for brand-new homes that they can move right into and not need to plan to fix anything for a few years. When it comes to purchasing a new construction home there are different options to consider. This can include a spec home, a track home, or a custom home. Let's look at the details of each one to help you determine which new construction home could be right for you.New Construction Santa Cruz County Homes- Which Type is best for You?

Spec home

A spec home is a new construction home that was built without a specific style of buyer in mind. This type of home is not built within a plant community but is built on property that a developer may have already purchased but has not been developed along with land surrounding it. It could also be a plot of land that has been sitting unsold in a planned community that a developer decides to pick up and place a home on to make a bit of profit. It is a one-and-done home built simply to put a home on the lot and continue doing business.

Sometimes a spec home might be something built from a previous catalog of floorplans the builder has used in the past or it could be that the builder is unique and doesn't work with large community builds but rather works on a smaller scale to build a home here or there. It is a home in which the buyer does not pick out the overall floor plan design but may have a hand in picking out some of the finish elements if they put a purchase offer on the home before construction is complete.

Tract home

This is the most commonly thought about type of new construction home....

Finding Santa Cruz Homes When Inventory is Low

Finding Santa Cruz Homes When Inventory is LowIf you have been searching for a home in Santa Cruz County your search may have felt challenging and at times even frustrating as inventory remains lower than it has been in several years. But with the right shopping strategy, there is a way to find a home in Santa Cruz that you will love for a price that you can afford to pay. Read on to discover tips for finding a home when inventory is low.

Working with local professionals

The first and best bit of advice we can give you is to work with a local real estate agent to help you find the perfect home that meets all of your needs and wants. Shopping for a home right now in Santa Cruz can feel like trying to purchase the most popular item of clothing in a store when they are having a 90% off sale. Even though homes are not at huge discounted prices there are still more buyers looking for homes than there are homes available for sale and sometimes buyers end up battling for the same home. But one trick to getting ahead of the game is to work with an agent who knows the area like the back of their hand.

A local agent has time to search for homes because it is their job. It is what they are paid to do. They can take the time to search and sometimes they don't even need to dig or go hunting for your ideal home. Sometimes they just know when a home is coming on the market or if there has been at home getting little attention that meets what you were looking for. This is because they are well-versed in the area and have formed relationships and make it their focus to be an expert in their local real estate market.


What Kind of Home Can You Find for $2M in Santa Cruz and Aptos?

What Kind of Home Can You Find for $2M in Santa Cruz and Aptos?If you are looking for a home in Santa Cruz County you could not have picked a better area of California to settle into! Okay maybe I am biased because I live in the area, but there are truly just so many reasons to love the Santa Cruz area. Trying to narrow down where you will purchase a home could be difficult because the county is full of amazing coastal towns and hidden forest oases. 

Some potential Santa Cruz buyers might wonder what type of home they could get for a certain budget in different areas of the county. This is a great question that could help you decide what location you want to look for a home. I can certainly help you out with this question in many different towns in both Santa Cruz and Monterey County. Let's start with what $2M could buy you in the actual city of Santa Cruz vs. the town of Aptos. 

Why are We Comparing Santa Cruz and Aptos? 

When deciding to move to Santa Cruz County a majority of potential buyers are interested in purchasing a home in or just outside of the city of Santa Cruz. The town of Aptos is often considered to be the first alternative location when opening up a broader home search in the county. Let's Look at a $2M budget for both. 

Buying in Aptos

Aptos is located east of Santa Cruz and is home to many of the most popular housing communities like Seascape and Seacliff, two of the most popular. Aptos is smaller than Santa Cruz but still worth a...

The Neighborhoods of Scotts Valley California

The Neighborhoods of Scotts Valley CaliforniaScotts Valley is a town inland in north Santa Cruz County that is a popular destination. It may not be right on the coastline but it offers its own desirable atmosphere of rolling hills and redwoods. It is a great location for those commuting into Silicon Valley and is also peaceful and relaxed making it a desirable spot for young families to settle. Scotts Valley is often a highly desirable location on many Santa Cruz County homebuyer's wish lists. If you are interested in Scotts Valley here is some information about some of the most popular neighborhoods of Scotts Valley

Glenwood Estates

Glenwood Estates is a smaller residential neighborhood with just a handful of properties best known for their large size and ample backyards. This is a very desirable neighborhood for families in the Scotts Valley area with very quiet streets and many other families to get to know. It is also close to the schools of Scotts Valley especially Scotts Valley High School which is just one block from the neighborhood.

Glenwood Estates is also a very quiet and peaceful setting as it is a neighbor of the Glenwood Open Space Preserve. The neighborhood is well-maintained and homes offer an impressive traditional style exterior. It is what you would expect to see from an ideal suburban community.

Granite Creek Estates


Most Desirable Neighborhoods in Salinas California

Most Desirable Neighborhoods in Salinas CaliforniaThe town of Salinas California is about 45 minutes south of Santa Cruz in Monterey County along the Monterey Bay of Central California. It is nicknamed the salad bowl of the world for its rich history and farmland that helped the area become the most thriving economic portion of the country during the 1920s. Today it is still a beautiful area with plenty of agricultural thriving properties. And has also grown as a desirable place to live.

If you are interested in moving to the Salinas area he may be wondering what the best neighborhoods in Salinas have to offer. Let us walk you through some of Salinas's current most popular neighborhoods to help you get a feel for the real estate here

Most popular neighborhoods in Salinas California

South Salinas

The south Salinas neighborhood is located in none other than the southern portion of Salinas. This area offers a good mix of both commercial and residential areas making it an awesome location for anyone hoping to be minutes from restaurants and other modern amenities.

South Salinas offers a majority of single-family homes with some apartments and condos sprinkled in. The median home price currently as of 2023 and South Salinas is $667,500.

Santa Rita

Santa Rita offers a very eclectic mix of housing options from townhomes to condos to single-family homes and even some apartment properties. Not only are the property types varied the age and architectural types are vast as well. It is easy to find a home that fits your...

Controlling Unwanted Garden Insects Naturally with Companion Planting

Controlling Unwanted Garden Insects Naturally with Companion PlantingThere are many beautiful properties all around Santa Cruz County and several of them have great landscaping and amazing gardens. One thing that Santa Cruz homeowners have increased their interest in is growing their own food in their own yards. Sometimes growing delicious food can attract unwanted guests that would like to feast on it.

Companion planting can help keep pests out of your Santa Cruz garden

Some Santa Cruz homeowners prefer to use a more natural method to keep pests out of their gardens. One of the ways to do so is with companion planting. Companion planting though not commonly talked about has been around for a long time as a method of keeping unwanted insects and pests from gardens, especially where vegetables are concerned.

What is companion planting?

Companion planting is the practice of planting two or more different types of plants next to each other or near each other so that they can benefit from one another. The goal for the benefiting from each other is better growth, an increase in the number of edible products from the plant, and keeping out pests. In some cases, companion planting has even attracted other helpful insects to act as predators for common pests that would damage plants.

It can take a bit of research to discover what plants work well together as companion plants and it may also take a little trial and error in your planting. There are some plants that may thrive by being next to a companion while the other part...

Smart Ways to Gift a Home to Your Children

Smart Ways to Gift a Home to Your ChildrenSanta Cruz homeowners in the golden years of their life may be wondering how they can gift their home to their adult children. Doing so is not as cut and dry as just letting them move in as you are aging or after passing on like it was way way back when. No matter the way that you gift a home to an adult heir of your estate, the tax collector will be waiting to collect on their new "fortune." 

The most common way of gifting a child a home is to have children inherit the home after the owner passes on. In some cases, parents are turning their homes into actual gifts before they pass on as they make plans to move to a home more suited home to this stage of their life. In some areas, this is a good plan, but in some locations around the country the gift is considered a type of sale and the property taxes then increase to current levels. 

There are two little-known ways that may be a smarter way of dealing with tax payments when gifting a home. These methods include a parent financing their child purchasing the home from them and/or selling the home at a significant discount. Before jumping in and choosing these methods it is always wise to look at all of the details and how they would pertain to your specific home gifting. In some cases they may be more helpful in others they may cause more headaches. 

"Gifting" a Home to a Child Through Parent Financing

This method can help children to get financing for the purchase of a home when it may be difficult for them to qualify for a mortgage right now. They can also take advantage of purchasing a home through a lower interest rate and helps a parent to benefit from additional monthly income...

What if You Can't Find a Home for Sale You Want to Buy?

What if You Can't Find a Home for Sale You Want to Buy?Purchasing a home in Santa Cruz and the surrounding Santa Cruz County is no budget purchase. Purchasing a home is one of the largest expenses many people will pay for in their lifetime. So it is very easy to see why people want to make sure they are purchasing a home that is the way they want it and expect it. When inventory is low finding that home you have pictured in your dreams may be difficult. In some cases, it might mean that the home is just outside of your budget. So what is a Santa Cruz buyer to do if they can't find a home that they love?

Ask yourself if it is possible to wait a bit

The real estate market is an ever-changing beast all across the world. There is no market that stays in the same conditions continuously. They are always changing whether it is home prices, the amount of available inventory for sale, or what location is most desirable. There is a whole slew of factors that can change how the real estate market conditions are at any given time. If you are unable to find a home that you truly love and want to invest a large amount of money, it may be best to sit down and write out what you will not settle for or let go of when purchasing a new home. It may mean that you might be better off waiting until the number of homes for sale has increased. If you are not in a rush or need to purchase a home in the next few months waiting may be the best option for you.

The good thing is you don't have to wait it out all alone you can employ an ...

The Perks of Living Next to the Beach

The Perks of Living Next to the BeachLiving near the beaches in Santa Cruz County is a dream come true for many people. Santa Cruz and its surrounding areas have many gorgeous outdoor spaces and the beach areas happen to be the most popular. When you live on or near the beach there are many advantages. Here are some of the top reasons so many people find living near the beach in Santa Cruz desirable. 

The Scenery 

We thought we would get the most obvious reason out of the way first. The most popular reason for living near the beach is to benefit from the stunning scenery right outside your window all the time. There is just nothing quite like looking out your window and enjoying the gorgeous picturesque sights any time you want. There is something so peaceful about taking some time to stop and enjoy it too. 

There is a Laid-Back Culture to the Beach Lifestyle

A majority of beach communities have a laid-back culture around them. There is something about the water that is calming and resets the pace of life just a bit. This brings a relaxed atmosphere that is somewhat stress-reducing. Who doesn't want an easy way to relieve stress right outside their door?

Entertainment at Your Fingertips

There are countless opportunities for outdoor fun at the beach in Santa Cruz. Living near the beaches allows for a plethora of water sports to be enjoyed. If you live close to the Santa Cruz Pier there is even more to...

Helpful Information for Purchasing an Eco-friendly Santa Cruz Home

Helpful Information for Purchasing an Eco-friendly Santa Cruz HomeWhen you live in Santa Cruz you instantly fall in love with the natural surroundings and become more aware of living peacefully in the environment. Santa Cruz is full of the most amazing landscape anywhere on the planet. For this reason many of the people that live in Santa Cruz and the local government have had a commitment to being good stewards of the land that we live in to keep it beautiful for several generations to come.

 For this reason purchasing a green home in the Santa Cruz area is highly desirable and many buyers looking for Santa Cruz homes are hoping to find green properties. 

 What constitutes as an eco-friendly green home in Santa Cruz?

 You may have heard several different terms used to describe these type of properties such as earth friendly, eco-friendly, green, energy efficient and so on. When it comes to finding an eco-friendly Santa Cruz home it can mean something different to each person. Many times the classification has to do with the aspect of earth friendly living that is most important to the buyer. Here are some attributes you will find when searching for eco-friendly properties in Santa Cruz:

 Building materials

 Some homes that advertise as eco-friendly are describing the building materials in which the home was built from. This can mean that materials were used from reclaimed and re-purposed items or are from sustainable resources. It could mean that the flooring is bamboo or the home was custom constructed...

Considering All of the Aspects of Purchasing a Home in a 55+ Living Community in the Santa Cruz Area

Considering All of the Aspects of Purchasing a Home in a 55+ Living Community in the Santa Cruz AreaIn the greater Santa Cruz area there are many different 55+ living communities especially in the Caramel by the Sea area. 55+ active retirement communities often advertise their living culture as a dream of being within a community that offers plenty of exciting activities to enjoy with people in the same stage of life. But what is a 55+ community? Should you purchase property in one?

A description of the average 55+ living community

Many times these types of housing communities that focus on adults aged 55 and above may have descriptive phrases included like independent living or active senior living. You may have heard many different names for 55+ communities as well as a long list of attractions offered to residents within the community.

Though they are sometimes mixed up with similar living situations like assisted living they are not medically focused facilities. These communities offer a focus on a specific type of homeowner that is at the age of 55 or above wanting to purchase a home within a community that offers the ability to have community with other people living in the neighborhood and enjoy some planned activities and community amenities with their neighbors.

If you are an adult at the age of 55 or older and are still active in your lifestyle needing little to no assistance with your daily activities this type of residential community can sound very promising and intriguing. Is it a good investment to purchase a home within one of these...

Get to Know Other People that Live in Santa Cruz by Joining a Club

Get to Know Other People that Live in Santa Cruz by Joining a ClubMoving to a brand new location can take some time to acclimate to a new culture and pace in daily life. Sometimes it can even feel lonely until you meet some people that live there and find your new friend group. One of the best ways to feel like you are part of the community is to join a local club. If you are considering a move to Santa Cruz or have just moved here there are some fun clubs available to you. 

Here are Some Santa Cruz Clubs to Join 

Roller Derby

Want to try something new and active? Why not hop on the growing trend of roller derby? There are derby teams of all different skill levels available through Santa Cruz Roller Derby, Santa Cruz Derby Groms, and the Boardwalk Bombshells a women's team that competes in the Women's Flat Track Deby Association. 


If you are of the crafty mindset the embroidery club may be of interest to you. The Stitchers by the Sea meet monthly as a branch of The Embroiderers' Guild of America. They showcase, learn a new technique, and glean knowledge about the craft from each other. 


With some of the greatest beaches on the California coast, there is surely a surfing club to join out here. Surfing is actually the largest sport in Santa Cruz County. This is a very good way to meet new people in Santa Cruz. There are clubs available to surfers of all levels including anyone who has never surfed before. Surf School Santa Cruz is a good place to get involved...

The Best Santa Cruz County Locations for Young Professionals

The Best Santa Cruz County Locations for Young ProfessionalsMost people recognize the Santa Cruz area for its great beaches, iconic boardwalk, attractions, and scenic properties. Recently many young professionals have been moving into the area because of the high quality of living, amazing outdoor activities, great local restaurants and shops, and more. 

The Most Popular Areas of Santa Cruz County for Professionals

City of Santa Cruz

Being the city for which the county has been named it is no big surprise that Santa Cruz is highly desirable to young professionals. Santa Cruz offers a cultural hub to the county right on the coast. It has some of the most amazing beaches, is the spot of the original iconic beach boardwalk, there's plenty of entertainment venues and nightlife, and the small town atmosphere with plenty of friendly residents and community pride is also a big plus. It is also a great place to further education for furthering your career at places like the University of California Santa Cruz.

The city of Santa Cruz has great job opportunities, especially in technology and tourism. There are several large multinational companies located in Santa Cruz and a good amount of tech start-ups as well.

Live Oak

Live Oak is a city that offers a peaceful atmosphere which has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It is a quiet suburb with more affordable housing options as compared to the downtown area of the city of Santa Cruz. It is also just 4 miles away from this area making it highly desirable if you work in Santa Cruz...

What are the Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Santa Cruz?

What are the Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Santa Cruz?As home values increase and mortgage interest rates are doing so as well many people are looking for affordable ways to purchase their next home. This has many people wondering where the most affordable areas in the desired location happen to be. For those wanting to live in the amazing town of Santa Cruz, this is not an uncommon question.

The factors that go into determining the affordability of a neighborhood can depend on a few different things including median income level, rent-to-income ratios, and home price-to-income ratios. These are the biggest driving factors that impact the cost of living in an area and can help to give fair insight into the quality of life in an area and the actual affordability of properties in that area. A median home price can help someone assess how much they might need to make from their income to afford properties in an area.

Based on the driving factors listed above we have a list of the most affordable neighborhoods to live in Santa Cruz.

Tanner Heights

Tanner Heights has a median home price of $715,691 and a median rent price of $2216. This by the numbers is the most affordable neighborhood to live in in the city of Santa Cruz. Based on an increase in home prices in the neighborhood over the past three years it shows up at number 1 compared to all neighborhoods in Santa Cruz.

Tanner Heights scores average in its public transportation offerings. Some errands can be accomplished by walking giving the area an average walk score as well. Some businesses can be reached from the Tanner Heights neighborhood on foot. Some of the closest businesses to Tanner Heights include Walnut Ave., Café, The ...

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