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How Many Beaches are In Santa Cruz?

How Many Beaches are In Santa Cruz? Santa Cruz is one of California's most popular beach towns. The coastal and central California location on the shores of Monterey Bay attracts many people who both fall in love and end up moving here or coming back repeatedly to visit. A frequently asked question of people considering a move or visit to Santa Cruz is, "How many beaches does Santa Cruz have? '

The Beaches of Santa Cruz (City)

There are three beaches within the City Limits of Santa Cruz and under the supervision/jurisdiction of the city government in Santa Cruz. More beaches in Santa Cruz are state-owned land. 

Main Beach

Located at 108 Beach St in Santa Cruz

Main Beach is rightly named because it is considered Santa Cruz's main iconic beach. It is the home of the world-famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk and amusement park. Some people refer to it as Boardwalk Beach. It is the most popular of beaches in the City for all of the amenities. the beach offers an expansive sandy area to lay out or leave your things to enjoy the water. Behind the beachy sand area is the famous amusement park, arcade, shops, extensive collection of great boardwalk eats, and a collection ...

Santa Cruz Surfing Culture

Santa Cruz Surfing CultureWhen relocating to Santa Cruz there are no doubt many questions on your mind about living in Santa Cruz, one commonly asked question is, "What is Santa Cruz known for?" Or "What makes Santa Cruz so popular?" Asking these questions helps a potential Santa Cruz homebuyer get to know the area and decide where they want to settle in or what they can expect when they get here. 

Santa Cruz is popular for many things, one of them is the surfing culture. It is said, with some dispute (not from us), that Santa Cruz is the first place in the United States to have a surfing culture. Legend tells a story of Hawaiian royalty bringing the sport to America first surfing the waters off the coast of Santa Cruz in the Monterey Bay and the sport took off in America from there. 

Santa Cruz has some of the most perfect surfing conditions in the world, and certainly in California. This is why the surf culture has long thrived in Santa Cruz County. The rocky coastline gives shelter from strong winds making the waves smooth and consistent all year. Santa Cruz offers big waves and small beach breaks, it is a place where surfers of all levels can enjoy the sport. Whether you are moving to Santa Cruz as an avid surfer or might be excited to try something new in a new home, you can do it in Santa Cruz. 

The Best Time to Get Out And Surf In Santa Cruz

As for the best time of day to surf in Santa Cruz, it is in the early morning and late afternoon when the winds are calmer. When talking...

Where to Find Great Mexican Food in Santa Cruz

Where to Find Great Mexican Food in Santa CruzSanta Cruz is full of amazing restaurants offering countless types of cuisine and all dining atmospheres from drive-thrus to cafes, to fine dining establishments with dress codes. If you are a fan of Mexican food and are relocating or have just moved to Santa Cruz you may be wondering where Santa Cruz's best Mexican restaurants are. While the true best Mexican restaurant is all subject to personal preference, we can help steer you toward the most popular Mexican restaurants to help you find your favorite. 

Santa Cruz's Most Popular Mexican Restaurants

Taqueria Los Pericos

This just might be THE most popular Mexican restaurant in Santa Cruz. Located in downtown Santa Cruz just steps from the Santa Cruz Riverwalk. This is a top-rated Santa Cruz restaurant by tourists, but also by locals. When it is beloved by locals who come over and over again, you know it's good. The venue is smaller but features some great authentic Mexican favorites. 

Taqueria Los Pericos is popular and the limited space can make it feel a bit overcrowded at times. If you are not a fan of crowds grabbing some food to go is well worth the maze of people, trust me. The favorite entrees here include the breakfast burritos, chips and salsa, Fish Tacos, and Camarones al Mojo de Ajo. 

Taqueria Santa Cruz

 If you are looking for Mexican food favorites that give a comfort food vibe this is the place to go. ...

Santa Cruz Plans for Changes to Iconic West Cliff

Santa Cruz Plans for Changes to Iconic West CliffWest Cliff Drive is one of the most popular roads in Santa Cruz County. Over the last year, the city has been gathering feedback about plans for the road from people living in Santa Cruz. The city has just released a new potential plan for West Cliff Drive. 

About Santa Cruz's West Cliff Drive

West Cliff Drive spans 3 miles along the Pacific Ocean coast in Santa Cruz providing the most amazing views of Monterey Bay. The road begins at Santa Cruz municipal wharf and takes travelers past the Santa Cruz Dream Inn, West Cliff Inn, Sea and Sand, the Seaway Inn, and into a residential neighborhood. West Cliff is popular with a mix of bikers, runners, people walking their dogs, surfers headed to Steamer Lane, tourists, and motor vehicle drivers. It is the most beautiful drive in Santa Cruz. It is a popular spot to snap a selfie and take in the views of the wharf and the Boardwalk below. You can also watch the surfers at Cowell Beach. 

Some popular spots for walkers that utilize the trail along the side of West Cliff include the lighthouse point grassy area and the surfer statue near Steamer Lane. Steamer Lane is a world-renowned surf break and an amazing spot to watch the most talented surfers in the area. The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum is also within walking distance of the Mark Abbet Memorial Lighthouse and shares information about how surfing came to Santa Cruz by way of Hawaiian royalty. Santa Cruz is recognized as the birthplace of surfing in California. Mitchell's Cove and Offleash dog area is popular with locals it is also a great place to spectate whales and dolphins....

Why People Choose Santa Cruz

Why People Choose Santa CruzSanta Cruz is a premier destination in California. It draws several tourists every year for its location on Monterey Bay and its amazing temperate weather all year long. Santa Cruz is also a very popular city in California to move. For this reason, many people considering moving to Santa Cruz California, and one of the most asked questions in search engines is if Santa Cruz is a nice place to live. So let's answer this question.

Is Santa Cruz nice to live in?

According to the website Santa Cruz is regarded as one of the best places to live in the state of California. Let's take a look into all of the major pros and cons of living in Santa Cruz so that you can form your own opinion about one of our favorite places to live in California.

Pros of living in Santa Cruz

The Weather

The City of Santa Cruz has 250 days of sunshine per year on average, there could be more or less. The average amount of sunny days for the state of California is just 46 making this one of California's rays of sunshine. There is great weather all year in Santa Cruz. The temperature can drop to around 40° in fall but it is never too cold to enjoy the outdoors here. Being able to enjoy the outdoors earlier is one of the biggest perks of Santa Cruz.

The Landscape

Speaking of enjoying the outdoors there are several ways to enjoy the outdoors in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz has it all when it comes to enjoying nature. There are mountains, there are towering forests, and then of course there...

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Santa Cruz

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Santa CruzSanta Cruz is one of the most special places to live on the coast of California. There's just so much that is unique and special about Santa Cruz and one of the most unique things is celebrating the holidays. If you have just moved to Santa Cruz or are considering a move you may be wondering how to celebrate upcoming holidays in the area. If you are lost as to where to go for Saint Patrick's Day in Santa Cruz let us share with you some upcoming St. Patrick's Day events in the area.

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA Saint Patrick's Celebration

If you love camping you can celebrate this fun holiday weekend at the KOA campground in Watsonville. Get out all of your green things and all of your camping gear. The campsite hosts a family costume contest, a fun run, shamrock tie-dye crafting, beers and bratz, a bike parade, train rides, and much more. It is a very fun family celebration that begins on March 15 and lasts the entire Saint Patrick's weekend through Saint Patrick's Day on March 17.

Santa Cruz Shamrock Stroll

Search for gold through Santa Cruz on March 16 beginning at 1 PM. This is another bar crawl event put on by Check-in is from 1 to 4 PM and you will need to purchase a ticket to receive a wristband as your magical pass for a day of fun surprises. Enjoy a collection of...

Where to Enjoy the Performing Arts in Santa Cruz

Where to Enjoy the Performing Arts in Santa CruzIf you are new to Santa Cruz or are considering a move to the Santa Cruz area you are probably looking to learn more about Santa Cruz to help you settle in and feel at home. Once you find what you love to do in Santa Cruz we believe you will quickly fall in love with the area and begin to make it your home. If you love the performing arts let us help you get acquainted with the many different opportunities to catch a live performance in Santa Cruz County.

Performing Arts Venues in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz

Barn Theater at UC Santa Cruz

The first theater on the campus of the University of California Santa Cruz. The theater was once an actual working barn located on the Cowell Ranch in 1968. It is a 140-seat theater. Today it is a home stage for the student-run Barnstorm Production Company. Find out more about upcoming performances on the Barnstorm Theater Company website. 

Kuumba Jazz Center in Downtown

If you are a fan of live jazz music you need to check out the Kuumba Jazz Center. It has been a hub of live music in Santa Cruz since 1975. The venue holds over 130 concerts a year. They also offer educational opportunities to learn jazz skills. Check out the performance lineup on their website. 

Rio Theater in Midtown

Rio started as a premier venue to watch movies. Today it is a venue that offers a mix of performing...

What is the Best Food at Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

What is the Best Food at Santa Cruz Boardwalk?The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the most recognized landmark in the city of Santa Cruz California. With time those who live here may consider it only a spot to keep tourists happy but several local people love a good stroll around the boardwalk on any day to take in the views of the ocean and people watch. It might be a place that tourists are drawn to but it is also home to substantial Santa Cruz history and nostalgic culture that Santa Cruz brings to the world.

If you are just moving to Santa Cruz you are probably excited to check out the boardwalk and might be interested in learning a little bit about what there is to do there. You may decide you want to visit it on an afternoon with your family and might like some insider tips on the best food to fuel your crowd as you soak up the sunshine, salt air, and classic nostalgic Santa Cruz scenery. It can be tough when you have your family in tow or even if you are just overly hungry yourself to go wandering down the boardwalk aimlessly looking for something at amusement park prices that won't be disappointing to eat. So here's a guide to help you out and choose some of the best dishes that won't disappoint when you visit the boardwalk.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk's best food

The Açai Bowls and Crepes at Crouzon Crepes

If you are looking for something fresh and light on a hot day the acai bowls at Cruzin' Crepes are incredibly popular. They provide something refreshing on a hot day but also something that is actually nutrient-packed and good for you. Who would have ever thought you could get actual...

Reasons to Live Outside of Downtown Santa Cruz

Downtown Santa Cruz is easily one of the most popular areas to settle in the city for its Walkability within one of Central Coastal California's most loved cities. Santa Cruz is dynamicReasons to Live Outside of Downtown Santa Cruz and upbeat with countless things to do from amazing restaurants to great entertainment and all different kinds of shopping. It is easy to be at the beach one minute and in a museum, the next, or experience locally made ice cream and walk just a few blocks away to get the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted.

But Santa Cruz is also known as an area with highly desirable real estate that comes with an expected increase in the market value of homes. Though it is a dream to live right in downtown Santa Cruz and be right in all of the action, there are some great affordable neighborhoods just outside of downtown that you could fall in love with just as easily if you are searching for a home at a lower price point. There are many reasons to consider neighborhoods just beyond the downtown Santa Cruz limits.

Quieter neighborhoods

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to live outside of downtown Santa Cruz is that it affords you a quieter atmosphere as compared to living within the downtown limits. Santa Cruz is a vibrant fun city but it is also a busy bustling city and with this comes the noise of the hustle and bustle. This is why more and more young families moving to Santa Cruz have found that neighborhoods just outside of downtown or even a bit further removed are ideal for everyday enjoyment.

The busyness of downtown especially during tourist season can become overwhelming and can take a toll on other aspects of life beyond peace...

2023 Holiday Happenings in Santa Cruz County

2023 Holiday Happenings in Santa Cruz CountyIf you have just moved to Santa Cruz County or are considering a move to Santa Cruz County you may be wondering what there is to do at this time of year. Getting to know an area and getting acquainted with it to help you get comfortable in your new home or learn about the area to decide if you want to move is important. One way to get to know the culture of an area is to discover what events are happening. Here is a list of 2023 holiday events in Santa Cruz County to help you get to know the area.

Winter Wonderland on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

It wouldn't be a list of Santa Cruz events without highlighting what is going on at the iconic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The boardwalk has been around for many decades and is a center of activity in the city of Santa Cruz. Get acquainted with the boardwalk and with the culture of the beach area in Santa Cruz by checking out the holiday festival that happens every year on the boardwalk. This year the festival will run between November 23 and December 31 on special days.

Different festive activities include photos with Santa, delicious seasonal treats, fire pit rentals and s'mores making, and a special winter wonderland package which includes special seasonal fun happening at the boardwalk. You don't want to miss the mini Nutcracker performances on the colonnade stage on December 2 and 3. The roaming carolers are also a lot of fun and they will be on the boardwalk on December 10 and 11th.

Holiday Lights at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds


Where to Eat Breakfast Out in Santa Cruz

Where to Eat Breakfast Out in Santa CruzIf you are relocating to Santa Cruz you are probably trying to find out everything you can about the city to help you determine if this is ultimately the move that you would like to make. When it comes to the city of Santa Cruz there is a lot to love and people who have lived here their whole life find new things to fall in love with every day. If you are someone that enjoys breakfast as your favorite meal of the day and really likes to get out for a special breakfast once in a while there are plenty of places to get a good breakfast in Santa Cruz.

Let us hope you find your new favorite breakfast spot in your new home. Whether you like to discover a new place every time or you want to find that new comforting spot that you frequent once a week or a couple of times a month here is a list of the best breakfast places in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz's best breakfast spots

The Buttery

OK let's just start off with the name alone who doesn't like butter? The name itself offers us something promising. If you are someone who loves a good comforting sweeter side to breakfast this is the place to stop. The Buttery is a long-running bakery and Café in the Seabright area of Santa Cruz. They have been here since 1984. This is not just an amazing place for breakfast but a great place to stop anytime you need a sweet homemade-style baked good. In addition to sweet treats or sandwiches, coffees and teas, and savory breakfast options. Give your breakfast experience a boost by choosing to dine outside...

One Reason Why the Atmosphere of Santa Cruz is Calm and Creative

One Reason Why the Atmosphere of Santa Cruz is Calm and CreativeSanta Cruz is a popular town on the Monterey Bay coastline in central California. It is well-liked for many reasons and well-known for several attributes. Besides the surfing culture, it is known as a town with a friendly atmosphere and a great arts scene. What makes Santa Cruz calm and creative? Science says it could be the water. 

Living Near the Water Can Make a Person Calm and Creative

From the earliest recorded history, humans have attributed healing properties to natural bodies of water. For example, the early Romans looked at bathing as highly important and made a relaxing bath part of the cultural norms. Romans took a soak not only alone but with others as a form of relaxation and a good way to take time to connect with others in a calm setting. 

Using water to restore the mind body and soul was not just used in Roman culture it was also a huge part of care in Chinese medicine, Indian medicine, and many others. Water symbolized a sacred space, a place of rebirth, and a source of spiritual cleansing and salvation.

In today's culture, the water holds an equal level of popularity. Homes on the water are highly desirable, vacations to an island oasis are seen as the ultimate dream getaway, and water sports never seem to lose their popularity. Need to relax? Many people picture a soak in the hot tub or a nice warm bath. 

Water gives the mind rest from overstimulation

In today's technology-driven age, humans are bombarded in every different direction by stimuli and can easily become overstimulated. The human brain needs to experience...

Best Places to Take in the Natural Beauty of Santa Cruz

Best Places to Take in the Natural Beauty of Santa CruzSanta Cruz is full of some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the country and this is part of the reason why it continues to be such a desirable place to live. If you are trying to learn more about Santa Cruz while you are considering a move here, you need to check out some of the best places in the city to enjoy the outdoors and natural beauty of Santa Cruz. 

Santa Cruz's Best Outdoor Viewpoints

West Cliff Drive

When people think of a scenic California coastal drive the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) often comes to mind. But this is probably because they have not taken a drive down West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz. It is the best place to experience sea cliffs high above the bay. The road winds from Natural Bridges State Park to the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum two more great spots to help you experience and fall in love with Santa Cruz. 

You can experience West Cliff Drive by car or on foot. There are many pathways that line the cliffs and walking is the popular activity here. It is a great way to take your time here and drink in all the beauty of the shoreline. It's especially amazing at sunset. 

Lookout Trail in Pogonip Park

When people think of a scenic viewpoint they often picture a spot at a high elevation that allows...

October 2023 Events for Foodies in Santa Cruz

October 2023 Events for Foodies in Santa CruzIf you have just moved to Santa Cruz or are checking out what there is to do in the Santa Cruz area as you consider a move here, you may be looking for some fun things to do. Check out this list of great events for foodies in Santa Cruz this October. Who doesn't love a fun time featuring some great food? 

Santa Cruz County October Foodie Events By Date

Friday, October 20

Vine to View Dinner featuring Calerrain Wines

The dinner is hosted by the restaurant at Chaminade Resort. The View will serve a four-course meal focused on wine pairings of the fantastic wines of Gilroy's Calerrain Wines. The Chaminade Resort and Spa is located at 1 Chaminade Lane in Santa Cruz. The Vine to View Dinner will start a at 6 pm and ends at 9 pm. Tickets are $100 per person. 

The Mountain Affair

An event at Casa Nostra restaurant offering an elegant fine dining experience with great food, local wine, and live music. The Mountain Affair event is a fundraiser for the Mountain Community Resources nonprofit that provides services to San Lorenzo Valley residents. Casa Nostra is located at 9217 Highway 9 in Ben...

Plans for a Downtown Expansion in Santa Cruz

Plans for a Downtown Expansion in Santa CruzThe city of Santa Cruz has plans for expanding the downtown area of Santa Cruz and is beginning its planning by seeking input from those who live in Santa Cruz. They have begun their efforts by conducting an online survey and study to ask people in Santa Cruz what they think of the proposed plans for expanding the downtown area.

This initial downtown expansion project has plans of taking 29 acres south of Laurel Street and restructuring to make room for a 4-acre sports arena and an unspecified number of high-rise apartment buildings. This would displace the current businesses and homes that are already in the area. Without the projected revenue from the proposed new residential high-rise apartments building a new arena would not be economically feasible. The city is asking for insight from community members and is asking for opinions about the redevelopment of this area of downtown Santa Cruz.

Currently, the survey is only open until September 1 and is available in English and Spanish taking about 15 minutes to complete. The city says it plans to take the input gathered from this survey as well as hold a public community meeting about project plans later in September or October. They will use these insights as they make their decisions for restructuring this area of Santa Cruz.

Last year there was a proposal for the construction of 175-foot-high residential buildings which would be roughly 16 stories. When this plan was originally proposed there was pushback from the public which has led to the city Council attempting to scale back the original plans to include residential buildings with a height of 12 stories. These plans were amended and reconfigured at the beginning of 2023. The reconsideration of new plans...

The Best Beach Towns on Monterey Bay

The Best Beach Towns on Monterey BayMonterey Bay is located on the central coastline of the state of California. This coastal area offers some of the most amazing views and beautiful beaches in California. And just a little inland you will find some of the most gorgeous forested areas full of towering redwood trees and amazing hiking trails that bring you back to views of the beach.

We may be biased but this is quite possibly the best spot to settle into in the entire state of California. Who wouldn't want to be able to wake up with the sound of the crashing waves and the sun kissing their face? Even if you were just a few minutes inland from the shore you can be at the beach in minutes. The Monterey Bay area of California has some of the most amazing beach towns to settle into. Here are some of our favorites.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is possibly the most notable town on California's Monterey Bay coastline. Is most notable for its surfing culture when it comes to the water and is the spot of one of the most iconic and longest-standing boardwalks in America. If you love to surf this is the place to settle into as the surf culture in Santa Cruz earned it the name of the original "Surf City" in America. Santa Cruz is home to many point breaks and short breaks and is what some would say is the best surfing spot in America.

Taking a trip into the quaint downtown area of Santa Cruz will bring you into an artsy and relaxed atmosphere...

Looking for a Home in the Woods? Check out Woods Cove in Santa Cruz

Looking for a Home in the Woods? Check out Woods Cove in Santa CruzAre you looking for a home in the Santa Cruz area nicely tucked into the woods near countless opportunities to enjoy the mountains and get outdoors, yet not too far removed from the best beaches in California and all within a decent commute to work? Then the Woods Cove neighborhood is worth a look. 

Where is Woods Cove? 

You can find Woods Cove just off Graham Hill Road in the Scotts Valley area of Santa Cruz County. This area was once part of Henry Cowell's land along with all of the land that the college UC Santa Cruz sits on. You can find it neighboring the horse show grounds at Santa Cruz Horseman's Center on Graham Hill Road and is north of the San Lorenzo River which makes up the southern boundary of the community. It is also within walking distance of Henry Cowell Park.

It is a relatively newer residential development that broke ground in 2003 and finished construction around 2005. Homes were built by Standard Pacific Development. The development features luxury properties tucked into the gorgeous wooded area of Santa Cruz County between Scotts Valley and the Pasatiempo Golf Course and neighborhood. 

Homes in Woods Cove

The main developer had large...

Why Seabright is Considered Santa Cruz's Best Neighborhood

Why Seabright is Considered Santa Cruz's Best NeighborhoodSeabright is a highly desirable neighborhood located in the central portion of the city of Santa Cruz California. Many people say that it is Santa Cruz's best neighborhood. When you ask why some may attribute it to its laid-back atmosphere and mixed-use offerings of both residential homes and trendy local shops, great restaurants, and bars.

Seabright shares a border on its west side with the San Lorenzo River and shares the eastern border with the Woods Lagoon. The residents of Seabright benefit from their own private beach. Seabright Beach encompasses about half a mile of shoreline on the south end of the neighborhood. The Walton Lighthouse is located on this beach. 

At the beach residents enjoy swimming, surfing, pretty much any beach land activity, dog-friendly space, and public washrooms. 

More Reasons to Love Seabright Beyond the Beach at Your Door


The Seabright area of Santa Cruz has some of the finest restaurants in the city most of the restaurants in Seabright are on the north end of the neighborhood located along Soquel Avenue which stands as Seabright's east border. Murray Street and Seabright Avenue also have a great collection of local restaurants. This paired with one of the best beaches in town makes it hard to ever leave your own neighborhood.

Santa Cruz Museum of National History

The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History is located within the Seabright neighborhood. Making for even more fun activities the natural history Museum offers several exciting exhibits telling the history of Santa Cruz and beyond. The locals of Santa Cruz know it as the whale...

Santa Cruz Senior Real Estate Guide

Santa Cruz Senior Real Estate GuidePurchasing real estate in your golden years is a unique and exciting process and experience. Mature real estate clients have different real estate needs that require a more customized approach to help meet buying goals that are important in a different stage of life. 

Hiring a real estate professional that is aware of these needs and has gained the certification of Senior Real Estate Specialist is important. A senior real estate specialist (SRES) can help senior adults to make more in-depth informed decisions about their specific real estate needs including relocating, purchasing rental properties, selling a family home, downsizing, and more. 

What is an SRES Realtro®?

In 1997 the Senior Advantage Real Estate Council or SAREC was formed. This council was put together with a focus on providing real estate professionals the education necessary to meet the distinct needs and interests of Americans over the age of 50 interested in buying or selling real estate. 

The designation of Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) is awarded to Realtors® that have completed training offered through the SAREC. Realtors® that are members of the SAREC have demonstrated they have the necessary knowledge, experience, and expertise through their focused specialized training to guide their senior clients in the buying and selling processes of both residential and investment real estate properties with their specific and unique goals at the forefront. These include all of the major lifestyle and financial transitions of all stages of life. 

Additional Resource: Information about...

Family-Friendly Halloween Events in Santa Cruz 2022

As if you couldn't love Santa Cruz any more with its unique atmosphere and culture there are plenty of fun community Halloween events to enjoy with your whole family. Here's what's happening in Santa Cruz for Halloween in 2022.Family-Friendly Halloween Events in Santa Cruz 2022

Halloween at the Boardwalk

The iconic Santa Cruz boardwalk amusement park is full of spooky fun for Halloween weekend. Come out on October 30 from noon to 7 PM and purchase a trick-or-treat package. You can either purchase your tickets the day of or in advance. Each ticket holder will receive a bag for trick-or-treating throughout the boardwalk area and a $10 my boardwalk card to enjoy the park. The boardwalk card can be used any day you wish.

There is also a costume contest open for participants of all ages and prizes are awarded for various different categories. Those looking for something extra spooky can enjoy the fright walk

Annual Fall Festival at Chaminade Resort and Spa

This event takes place on October 22 starting at 4 PM. It is a favorite fall tradition among Santa Cruz locals. Families come and enjoy the bounce house and face painting along with live music and food and of course plenty of trick-or-treating opportunities. For those looking for a spooky adventure you can check out the haunted forest event at 6:30. Children aged for years and under are free and tickets are $20 per person for all other guests.

Capitola Village Halloween Parade

If you live in Capitola...

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