Making Living in Your Santa Cruz Home While Selling it Less Stressful

Making Living in Your Santa Cruz Home While Selling it Less StressfulWhen selling your Santa Cruz home there are several details to get arranged and it can become stressful, especially while you are trying to conduct all of your regular daily tasks and activities. It can become a little more stressful when trying to navigate living in the home while it is actively listed for sale because this means keeping the home clean and ready for potential buyers to see at any moment.

Unless you have a professional maid service that comes to your home daily, or you are just someone who really loves to clean and has the time, it can feel impossible to keep your home clean so that it is ready for in-person viewing. But with the right organization and preparations, it can be a lot less stressful of a process. 

Making Living in Your Santa Cruz Home While Selling it Less Stressful

Start Packing While Getting Your Home Ready

A large task in selling a home that can feel overwhelming is getting all of your things packed up. Before listing the home for sale while getting it ready to be seen, start packing up things you don't need for daily living and won't need until after your move. This helps you get a jump start on this large task making it less daunting when you have an offer and only 30 days to get out of the home. It also helps to keep things simple in your home so that buyers can see more of the home and less of how you enjoyed the home and made it fit your lifestyle. 

Create a Plan for Access to Your Home With Your Agent

Many homeowners agree that one of the most stressful aspects of selling a home is having a real estate agent drop by your home with their clients wanting to see your home right now. While there is no guarantee this won't happen, there are some plans you can put into place with the help of a great agent to keep in-person showings a little more organized and less stressful.

Lock Box on the Door

This is a common approach to allowing buyers access to your home. However, the buyer needs to be with a real estate representative or make an appointment through your agent to gain access to the code for the lockbox. The lockbox is placed on your front door with a key to the home. This can also be paired with making an appointment first. It gives the most access to your home outside of not living in the home. 

Key Pick Up

This method of access leaves the key to access your home with a special pick-up person. This means that a real estate agent needs to pick up the key before they take their clients for a showing. This can encourage an agent to be more mindful and plan a time and day before getting the key and coming to your home. 

Limited Access on Special Days

If you are just too busy to be able to accommodate showings randomly popping up on any day of the week you might choose to only have the home available for showings on certain days. But you make the home accessible all day long on those days instead of during certain time frames every day. So you might plan to go on a day trip on those days and be away from the home completely giving all-day access to the home on pre-planned days put on the calendar.

It is good to note that the more access you offer to buyers to come and see the home the higher chance of the home selling in a shorter timeframe. So keeping some balance to your access allowable can be a good strategy.

Vickie Davies of Knieper Team Real Estate shares this in a blog about buyer access:

"If you are a homeowner worried about keeping your home clean and ready to show to buyers but want to remain flexible to allow as many buyers as possible to see your home and get it sold quickly asking about a combination of strategies may work best for you."

Hire the Right Agent

When you are selling your home you want to hire an agent that you can trust and you feel listens to you. It is not uncommon for some agents to be highly motivated to make a sale. Being motivated to sell your home quickly is a great thing, but it can become a not-so-great thing when an agent is more concerned with getting as many people in the home to see it than they are about your ability to function and maintain your daily lifestyle while selling your home. You want to work with an agent who remembers it can be difficult to live in a home and have it available for showings. Make sure you hire an agent who wants to get your home sold but also listens to your selling needs and goals. 

If you are considering selling a Santa Cruz area home, I am here to help. Contact me any time with and Santa Cruz real estate needs.

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