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Reasons to Choose a Condo Instead of a House in Santa Cruz

Reasons to Choose a Condo Instead of a House in Santa CruzThe city of Santa Cruz has many amazing condo properties. If you are trying to decide between purchasing a condo or a single-family home in Santa Cruz here are a few reasons why you might lean more toward purchasing the condo.


If you are hoping to live right inside the Santa Cruz city limits then finding a condo may be just a little bit easier than a single-family property. Often in convenient walkable locations, there are more multifamily properties as compared to single-family properties. If you have not ruled out a condo and you want a walkable home then you may have an easier time finding a condo.

Price tag

Condo properties often come with a lower price tag as compared to a single-family home. Some would say this is because the square footage is much smaller than what is available on a single-family property. But you may be surprised to find that some condos have as much square footage as a single-family home. While larger condos do come at a steeper price higher than the more abundant smaller ones it is a possibility to find a condo with a very roomy floor plan.


A condo property is like a step between renting and single-family living. Owning a home puts a lot of responsibility on the owner's plate to make sure the property is running well, safe, and retains its good condition. Every single aspect of the property is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. This along with the price tag of a single-family home is a big extra cost and a large time requirement.

With a condo property, you are solely responsible...

Reasons to Move to Capitola and Enjoy it All Year

Reasons to Move to Capitola and Enjoy it All YearCapitola California is most famously known for the waterfront Capitola Village. It is a popular spot with tourists and is very beloved by residents. It is a unique spot in Santa Cruz County that offers something special all year long. The summer and the winter seasons are very different but each holds its unique appeal. Let us describe what each season is like in Capitola and why it is a great place to settle into year-round. 

Capitola Winters

Since it is still technically winter, though Spring is on the horizon, let us start with what winter is like in the beautiful small town of Capitola. 

The hustle and bustle of summer tourists and beachfront activities begin to slow and quiet after Labor Day every year in Capitola. Capitola becomes a charming laid-back beach town. Though the weather is cooler and the activities are not as frequent, the weather is still enjoyable and the sunsets, even though they come earlier are just as breathtaking. 

September and October free up the popular beaches and allow those who live here year-round to enjoy the sand and surf with a little more elbow room. It's like that feeling of your family coming for a visit. You love it and it is full of laughter and energy and fun times, but when they go back home, you can get back to a more relaxed way of living on a daily basis and enjoying your favorite space on more relaxed terms. 

The "off-season" allows for shorter wait times to get into the most iconic Capitola restaurants on any day of your choosing....

Reasons to Live Outside of Downtown Santa Cruz

Downtown Santa Cruz is easily one of the most popular areas to settle in the city for its Walkability within one of Central Coastal California's most loved cities. Santa Cruz is dynamicReasons to Live Outside of Downtown Santa Cruz and upbeat with countless things to do from amazing restaurants to great entertainment and all different kinds of shopping. It is easy to be at the beach one minute and in a museum, the next, or experience locally made ice cream and walk just a few blocks away to get the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted.

But Santa Cruz is also known as an area with highly desirable real estate that comes with an expected increase in the market value of homes. Though it is a dream to live right in downtown Santa Cruz and be right in all of the action, there are some great affordable neighborhoods just outside of downtown that you could fall in love with just as easily if you are searching for a home at a lower price point. There are many reasons to consider neighborhoods just beyond the downtown Santa Cruz limits.

Quieter neighborhoods

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to live outside of downtown Santa Cruz is that it affords you a quieter atmosphere as compared to living within the downtown limits. Santa Cruz is a vibrant fun city but it is also a busy bustling city and with this comes the noise of the hustle and bustle. This is why more and more young families moving to Santa Cruz have found that neighborhoods just outside of downtown or even a bit further removed are ideal for everyday enjoyment.

The busyness of downtown especially during tourist season can become overwhelming and can take a toll on other aspects of life beyond peace...

Things to Consider if Your Santa Cruz Home Isn't Selling

Things to Consider if Your Santa Cruz Home Isn't SellingIf you have listed your Santa Cruz home for sale and the home listing has expired it is understandable that you may be frustrated, disappointed, or confused as to why your home isn't selling. Especially during a seller's market with low inventory. Here are some questions to ask about your home selling experience to help you decide what actions to take next with your Santa Cruz home.

Was the Home marketed well?

A first impression in many scenarios is incredibly important and the first impression of your home to buyers matters significantly. You want to make sure that your home is ready to show at its best and that it has been presented to as many Santa Cruz homebuyers as possible. It is hard for buyers to be interested in a home and make an offer on it if they are not aware is for sale or if there's something about it that seems offputting in listing photos.

When a home is for sale you want to do your best to make it stand out and have it catch the eye of a buyer. But you can't catch a buyer's eye if a buyer isn't seeing the home. You want to make sure you are hiring the right local professional help that will get the word out that your home is available for sale and you want to get your home freshened up and ready to show at its best.

A great real estate agent will help you to prepare your home to be seen both inside and out and will help you to make the online listing look enticing and place it where it is easily seen to attract a buyer's eye and attract as many buyers as possible.

Is the home priced well?

One of the biggest setbacks to selling a home within a fair amount of...

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