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Best Places to Take in the Natural Beauty of Santa Cruz

Best Places to Take in the Natural Beauty of Santa CruzSanta Cruz is full of some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the country and this is part of the reason why it continues to be such a desirable place to live. If you are trying to learn more about Santa Cruz while you are considering a move here, you need to check out some of the best places in the city to enjoy the outdoors and natural beauty of Santa Cruz. 

Santa Cruz's Best Outdoor Viewpoints

West Cliff Drive

When people think of a scenic California coastal drive the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) often comes to mind. But this is probably because they have not taken a drive down West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz. It is the best place to experience sea cliffs high above the bay. The road winds from Natural Bridges State Park to the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum two more great spots to help you experience and fall in love with Santa Cruz. 

You can experience West Cliff Drive by car or on foot. There are many pathways that line the cliffs and walking is the popular activity here. It is a great way to take your time here and drink in all the beauty of the shoreline. It's especially amazing at sunset. 

Lookout Trail in Pogonip Park

When people think of a scenic viewpoint they often picture a spot...

Tips to Sell Your Santa Cruz Home in the Fall

If you are getting ready to sell a home in Santa Cruz you may be wondering if selling your home in the fall is a good plan and what you might need to do to get your home ready to sell. Any time of year can be a great time to sell a home, especially in Santa Cruz County, one of California's most desirable places to live. 

Tips for Selling Your Santa Cruz Home in the Fall

Get your home ready

When you sell anything you own you want it to look its best so it will be appealing to buyers and sell quickly. Just like you would make sure your car is clean and pristine if you were to sell it, you want to do the same thing with your Santa Cruz home. You want to start your home selling plans by getting your home ready to be seen by buyers and making it appealing to them. In the same manner that you would get your home cleaned up and ready to go for a holiday party you want to make sure you are cleaning from top to bottom and getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

In addition to having it extremely clean and tidy, you want to remove personal items and make the home look like it is on display rather than someone comfortably living in the property and loving it with no plans to leave. Allowing a buyer to be able to visualize themselves living in the home instead of visualizing how you have lived in the home is a key to helping get your home sold as quickly as possible. This is the practice of staging your home. If you need some helpful advice in staging your home a local real estate agent can do wonders to help advise you on getting your home ready to be seen by potential buyers.

Use seasonal elements to help you stageTips to Sell Your Santa Cruz Home in the Fall...

October 2023 Events for Foodies in Santa Cruz

October 2023 Events for Foodies in Santa CruzIf you have just moved to Santa Cruz or are checking out what there is to do in the Santa Cruz area as you consider a move here, you may be looking for some fun things to do. Check out this list of great events for foodies in Santa Cruz this October. Who doesn't love a fun time featuring some great food? 

Santa Cruz County October Foodie Events By Date

Friday, October 20

Vine to View Dinner featuring Calerrain Wines

The dinner is hosted by the restaurant at Chaminade Resort. The View will serve a four-course meal focused on wine pairings of the fantastic wines of Gilroy's Calerrain Wines. The Chaminade Resort and Spa is located at 1 Chaminade Lane in Santa Cruz. The Vine to View Dinner will start a at 6 pm and ends at 9 pm. Tickets are $100 per person. 

The Mountain Affair

An event at Casa Nostra restaurant offering an elegant fine dining experience with great food, local wine, and live music. The Mountain Affair event is a fundraiser for the Mountain Community Resources nonprofit that provides services to San Lorenzo Valley residents. Casa Nostra is...

Fall Fun For Kids at the Watsonville Youth Center

When you are new to Santa Cruz County or are trying to investigate what there is to do in this area as you relocate to Santa Cruz it might feel overwhelming. There are so many great towns in Santa Cruz and countless fun things to do. It can be hard to know where to start or where to look. This is why we like to share what is going on in the area to help you get to know Santa Cruz County and help you discover where you might like to settle. If you are wondering what fun activities there are in the county centered around kids then read on. 

Spooky Holiday Fun for Kids in WatsonvilleFall Fun For Kids at the Watsonville Youth Center

All through the month of October the Gene Hoularis and Waldo Rodriguez Youth Center will be hosting fun activities for kids aged 18 and under.  Jumping in on activities at the youth center can be a fun way for your kids to meet other kids their age and to meet young families in the area. 

This Saturday, October 14th the fun begins with a workshop centered around Dia de Los Muertos. On Sunday the 15th there is a field trip to the Fear Overload Scream Park in the town of Newark at the New Park Mall. The event is hosting two haunted houses that you can wander through at your own pace. The field trip is only open to older kids who can enjoy the thrill of a scare. It is open to kids aged 11 to 17. 

Come by the youth center...

Why Live Oak is a Great Place to Live

Why Live Oak is a Great a Place to LiveIf you are searching for a more budget-friendly section of Santa Cruz County to settle into Live Oak is definitely worth a look. Some people overlook Live Oak as Pleasure Point's cheaper inland compromise, but there are several reasons why purchasing a home in Live Oak is a good idea. 

Top Reasons to Buy a Home in Live Oak


Yes, I did put the location at the top of the list of reasons why it is a great idea to move to Live Oak. This is why a large number of people choose not to live here, but hear me out, Live Oak is located between the cities of Capitola and Santa Cruz. Though some optimists say that Live Oak includes the coast where Pleasure Point is located, the official boundaries stop just short of the coastline. When searching for real estate in Santa Cruz County most people want locations right on the coast or within large cities near hotspots. Live Oak might seem further out but the location is still great. You are very close to the main freeway with easy access, there is extremely close proximity to Pleasure Point and the best beaches in the county, you are only minutes from those larger cities of Santa Cruz and Capitola, and there are several great hidden gems inside Live Oak itself. 

Public Parks

Live Oak is home to several community parks. These parks do not just sit unused either, the kids in Live Oak love their neighborhood parks. It is a good way to get to know other people living in the community....

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