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2023 Holiday Happenings in Santa Cruz County

2023 Holiday Happenings in Santa Cruz CountyIf you have just moved to Santa Cruz County or are considering a move to Santa Cruz County you may be wondering what there is to do at this time of year. Getting to know an area and getting acquainted with it to help you get comfortable in your new home or learn about the area to decide if you want to move is important. One way to get to know the culture of an area is to discover what events are happening. Here is a list of 2023 holiday events in Santa Cruz County to help you get to know the area.

Winter Wonderland on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

It wouldn't be a list of Santa Cruz events without highlighting what is going on at the iconic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The boardwalk has been around for many decades and is a center of activity in the city of Santa Cruz. Get acquainted with the boardwalk and with the culture of the beach area in Santa Cruz by checking out the holiday festival that happens every year on the boardwalk. This year the festival will run between November 23 and December 31 on special days.

Different festive activities include photos with Santa, delicious seasonal treats, fire pit rentals and s'mores making, and a special winter wonderland package which includes special seasonal fun happening at the boardwalk. You don't want to miss the mini Nutcracker performances on the colonnade stage on December 2 and 3. The roaming carolers are also a lot of fun and they will be on the boardwalk on December 10 and 11th.

Holiday Lights at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds...

Where to Eat Breakfast Out in Santa Cruz

Where to Eat Breakfast Out in Santa CruzIf you are relocating to Santa Cruz you are probably trying to find out everything you can about the city to help you determine if this is ultimately the move that you would like to make. When it comes to the city of Santa Cruz there is a lot to love and people who have lived here their whole life find new things to fall in love with every day. If you are someone that enjoys breakfast as your favorite meal of the day and really likes to get out for a special breakfast once in a while there are plenty of places to get a good breakfast in Santa Cruz.

Let us hope you find your new favorite breakfast spot in your new home. Whether you like to discover a new place every time or you want to find that new comforting spot that you frequent once a week or a couple of times a month here is a list of the best breakfast places in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz's best breakfast spots

The Buttery

OK let's just start off with the name alone who doesn't like butter? The name itself offers us something promising. If you are someone who loves a good comforting sweeter side to breakfast this is the place to stop. The Buttery is a long-running bakery and Café in the Seabright area of Santa Cruz. They have been here since 1984. This is not just an amazing place for breakfast but a great place to stop anytime you need a sweet homemade-style baked good. In addition to sweet treats or sandwiches, coffees and teas, and savory breakfast options. Give your breakfast experience a boost by choosing to dine...

One Reason Why the Atmosphere of Santa Cruz is Calm and Creative

One Reason Why the Atmosphere of Santa Cruz is Calm and CreativeSanta Cruz is a popular town on the Monterey Bay coastline in central California. It is well-liked for many reasons and well-known for several attributes. Besides the surfing culture, it is known as a town with a friendly atmosphere and a great arts scene. What makes Santa Cruz calm and creative? Science says it could be the water. 

Living Near the Water Can Make a Person Calm and Creative

From the earliest recorded history, humans have attributed healing properties to natural bodies of water. For example, the early Romans looked at bathing as highly important and made a relaxing bath part of the cultural norms. Romans took a soak not only alone but with others as a form of relaxation and a good way to take time to connect with others in a calm setting. 

Using water to restore the mind body and soul was not just used in Roman culture it was also a huge part of care in Chinese medicine, Indian medicine, and many others. Water symbolized a sacred space, a place of rebirth, and a source of spiritual cleansing and salvation.

In today's culture, the water holds an equal level of popularity. Homes on the water are highly desirable, vacations to an island oasis are seen as the ultimate dream getaway, and water sports never seem to lose their popularity. Need to relax? Many people picture a soak in the hot tub or a nice warm bath. 

Water gives the mind rest from overstimulation

In today's technology-driven age, humans are bombarded in every different direction by stimuli and can easily become overstimulated. The human brain needs...

Buying a Historic Home In Santa Cruz or Monterey County

Buying a Historic Home In Santa Cruz or Monterey CountyBoth Santa Cruz and Monterey counties have some amazing historic properties. The town of Carmel by the Sea is well known for its amazing historic properties. Historic homes offer something unique that you can't find anymore. Ornate little details that took time and thought that today's builders don't have outside of custom builds. A historic home seems to hold the magic and mystery of who once roamed the hallways and made the building a home. 

If you are searching for one of Santa Cruz or Monterey's amazing historic properties there are some things to be aware of that are different in your home-buying process from searching for a traditional home. The more you know about purchasing a historic home the better the buying process will go. It will also help you to determine if a historic home is truly the home you are dreaming of. 

Know the Maintenance, Remodeling, and Upgrade Guidelines for the Property

If a home has been officially recognized as historic there will be specific guidelines on making improvements and adjustments to the original integrity of the structure in the home. Historic homes that have been registered as such will not allow you to alter the exterior of the home in any way. If something is damaged and needs replaced this will require best efforts and using the original materials to the home to get them back to their original state. Some properties will not allow homeowners to add onto the home or make upgrades to the home that would cause it to lose its original historic charm and reason for being placed on the list of historic homes.

Additionally, if you owned a...

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