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Recycling Materials From DIY Projects in Your Santa Cruz Home

Recycling Materials From DIY Projects in Your Santa Cruz HomeAs you make improvements around your Santa Cruz home you may find that there are extra materials left over from those projects. Sometimes you will want to retain some extra materials in case you need to repair but in some cases, you may not need as much material as is left over.

What can you do with these leftover materials? Some may fit into the garbage, some may not, and some may be allowed to go into your regular garbage but some may require special actions to unload the product. Here are some helpful tips for getting rid of scraps from home improvements in your Santa Cruz home.

Wood Scraps

Several different projects require the use of wood and the scraps can pile up quickly as often projects using wood materials require cutting wood down into custom shapes and sizes to fit your project. If you don't have a use for them and they are taking up a lot of space you can unload wood scraps in many different ways.

For larger pieces that might be reused for other projects, you could consider selling them on social media and other reselling groups such as Offer Up. You could also consider donating scraps to salvage yards and charities like Habitat for Humanity. You can also offer the scraps for free on a social media site or in a buy-nothing group. If a wood scrap is small enough it can be added to a compost pile.


Tile is a great material to retain scraps for repairs in your home. If you have a significant amount of tile scraps...

New Construction Santa Cruz County Homes- Which Type is best for You?

Some Santa Cruz homebuyers are looking for brand-new homes that they can move right into and not need to plan to fix anything for a few years. When it comes to purchasing a new construction home there are different options to consider. This can include a spec home, a track home, or a custom home. Let's look at the details of each one to help you determine which new construction home could be right for you.New Construction Santa Cruz County Homes- Which Type is best for You?

Spec home

A spec home is a new construction home that was built without a specific style of buyer in mind. This type of home is not built within a plant community but is built on property that a developer may have already purchased but has not been developed along with land surrounding it. It could also be a plot of land that has been sitting unsold in a planned community that a developer decides to pick up and place a home on to make a bit of profit. It is a one-and-done home built simply to put a home on the lot and continue doing business.

Sometimes a spec home might be something built from a previous catalog of floorplans the builder has used in the past or it could be that the builder is unique and doesn't work with large community builds but rather works on a smaller scale to build a home here or there. It is a home in which the buyer does not pick out the overall floor plan design but may have a hand in picking out some of the finish elements if they put a purchase offer on the home before construction is complete.

Tract home

This is the most commonly thought about type of new construction...

What is on the Horizon for the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market?

If you are considering buying or selling a home in Santa Cruz soon you may be wondering how the real estate market is doing currently and where it is expected to go in the next few months and over the next year. Here are some current real estate market numbers and predictions for where the market is headed in the near future.

What the Santa Cruz real estate market is doing right now

Numbers from Redfin reported in October 2023 showed that Santa Cruz home prices were staying relatively stable with very small changes. Numbers compared to October 2022 showed a very small change in home prices of 0.05% from year to year. Santa Cruz's median home sale price was $1.4 million in October. This shows that properties are holding their value and the market is strong.

What is on the Horizon for the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market?Market analysis has shown that the competition for real estate has been high and homes have been selling at a swift pace. The average number of days on the market for a Santa Cruz home is 28. Several homes are seeing multiple offers and some offers are including waived contingencies. It is not uncommon for Santa Cruz homes to sell above the list price. The average Santa Cruz home has been selling at about 1% above the listed market price.

Another number showing the strong market in Santa Cruz is the sale-to-list price ratio which is currently at 100.2% for 2023. This number shows that the average Santa Cruz home is selling just above the list price. This is an indication that the market is staying competitive and buyers are bringing strong...

Finding Santa Cruz Homes When Inventory is Low

Finding Santa Cruz Homes When Inventory is LowIf you have been searching for a home in Santa Cruz County your search may have felt challenging and at times even frustrating as inventory remains lower than it has been in several years. But with the right shopping strategy, there is a way to find a home in Santa Cruz that you will love for a price that you can afford to pay. Read on to discover tips for finding a home when inventory is low.

Working with local professionals

The first and best bit of advice we can give you is to work with a local real estate agent to help you find the perfect home that meets all of your needs and wants. Shopping for a home right now in Santa Cruz can feel like trying to purchase the most popular item of clothing in a store when they are having a 90% off sale. Even though homes are not at huge discounted prices there are still more buyers looking for homes than there are homes available for sale and sometimes buyers end up battling for the same home. But one trick to getting ahead of the game is to work with an agent who knows the area like the back of their hand.

A local agent has time to search for homes because it is their job. It is what they are paid to do. They can take the time to search and sometimes they don't even need to dig or go hunting for your ideal home. Sometimes they just know when a home is coming on the market or if there has been at home getting little attention that meets what you were looking for. This is because they are well-versed in the area and have formed relationships and make it their focus to be an expert in their local real estate market.


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