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Helping Loved Ones Through the Transition of Downsizing

Helping Loved Ones Through the Transition of DownsizingIt is not uncommon for anyone caring for a loved one that is in the golden years of their life to come to a point where they feel they need to help a loved one into a new home that better suits their current physical abilities and needs. But transitioning into a new home and often downsizing can be an emotional or difficult and a significant life change especially if your loved one does not feel they need to make the change

Any type of new home purchase and move can be stressful for any homebuyer at any stage of life. It is a lot of work to put a home up for sale, pack it up, and move into a new one even if the home is the same size or larger. Downsizing to a new home is understandably stressful as well. But there are some things with the right knowledge about this life change that can make the process a little less so for both you and the person making a change in their everyday living style and location.

Make sure you have a real estate agent that understands

Having the right agent on your side can help to make this process a lot less stressful. Did you know there are trusted real estate agents with specialized training to help with senior real estate details on many very different levels? Whether someone in their golden years needs assistance finding the perfect home to age in place or help to find an assisted living community or a better understanding of the best services available to them in their current stage of life. Specialized real estate agents can offer better insight and more understanding to buyers and sellers in this special time of life.


Designing Your Home For The Senses

Another strategy is to focus on a human-centric design approach by choosing materials or components that may be interacted with and can contribute to the household’s physical and emotional experience as a whole. While selecting décor or furniture, it’s necessary to consider how the item will work with other chosen items, if it’s capable of enriching the intent of the space and how it will interact with the space’s natural elements, such as air, sound, light and temperature.

For additional design tips on engaging each of the five senses, please see the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Nicole Franco.


Keep An Eye Out For These Warning Signs Of Home Damage

Starting with the exterior, some red flags homeowners may not notice until they become a problem are related to the gutter system. While practicing routine upkeep, look out for pooling water, peeling paint and sagging or damaged seams. These warnings may indicate repair is needed to help properly direct rainwater runoff, or that the house might benefit from having a gutter protection system installed. If faulty gutters aren’t addressed in time, it could lead to leakage and subsequent water damage or mold growth both inside the home and out.

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The Perks of Living Next to the Beach

The Perks of Living Next to the BeachLiving near the beaches in Santa Cruz County is a dream come true for many people. Santa Cruz and its surrounding areas have many gorgeous outdoor spaces and the beach areas happen to be the most popular. When you live on or near the beach there are many advantages. Here are some of the top reasons so many people find living near the beach in Santa Cruz desirable. 

The Scenery 

We thought we would get the most obvious reason out of the way first. The most popular reason for living near the beach is to benefit from the stunning scenery right outside your window all the time. There is just nothing quite like looking out your window and enjoying the gorgeous picturesque sights any time you want. There is something so peaceful about taking some time to stop and enjoy it too. 

There is a Laid-Back Culture to the Beach Lifestyle

A majority of beach communities have a laid-back culture around them. There is something about the water that is calming and resets the pace of life just a bit. This brings a relaxed atmosphere that is somewhat stress-reducing. Who doesn't want an easy way to relieve stress right outside their door?

Entertainment at Your Fingertips

There are countless opportunities for outdoor fun at the beach in Santa Cruz. Living near the beaches allows for a plethora of water sports to be enjoyed. If you live close to the Santa...

Do You Actually NEED to Have 20% for a Downpayment on a Santa Cruz Home?

Do You Actually NEED to Have 20% for a Downpayment on a Santa Cruz Home?When it comes to purchasing a home in Santa Cruz many home buyers may be apprehensive when it comes to two words: down payment. The down payment on a home is an out-of-pocket amount of money that the buyer puts into the purchase of the home. It is like a qualifying deposit for your home mortgage loan to help communicate to your mortgage lender that you are putting your money where your mouth is. That you are taking the purchase seriously and not just asking for money you do not plan to be responsible with and pay back over time.

The traditional talked about number for a down payment to qualify for a loan has been 20% of the total home purchase price. While this is still a good number that can help homebuyers to secure the best mortgage loan terms it is a misconception that it is a requirement. Some homeowners have been led to believe that unless they have 20% of a home price in cash ready to go when they purchase a home, they will be unable to purchase one.

Looking into current statistics from recent purchases

There is good news for anyone in Santa Cruz considering purchasing a home in the near future that may not have the full 20% to make for a down payment. Looking into the actual numbers of real home purchases across the country recent homebuyers put far less down on their home purchase than the traditional 20%.

There are more options available to homebuyers that do not require the 20% down payment. When looking at the averages of what recent...

When Your Senior Loved One Needs You: Is It Time to Move?

When Your Senior Loved One Needs You: Is It Time to Move?

If you have an aging loved one who needs more help at home, it may be time to consider whether moving is a viable option for you and your family. Determining what your next move is can feel stressful and overwhelming, but with the following tips, you can see it through to the end to help your family.

Assess Your Loved One's Needs

Consider the person's abilities when thinking about your loved one and their needs. For instance, how much family support do they have in the area? How well can they take care of hygiene and healthcare?

According to the experts, some older adults can continue to age in place. To continue to live at home, determine your loved one's situation and whether living at home makes sense. How well can your loved one get around the home? Sometimes, you may have to help make the home more accessible. For instance, a two-story house may be difficult for someone with mobility issues to navigate. You can also investigate some home products that can make their lives easier. Always read expert reviews before purchasing anything.

If your loved one is intent on staying in their home, a certified professional can inspect the home and determine what renovations may help your loved one function more productively in their environment. Alternatively, you can work together to find a more accessible place for your loved one to live. There are many senior-friendly ...

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