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A Homeowner's Guide to Changing Real Estate Agents

In the changing realm of estate choosing the right agent can truly impact your experience when buying or selling a house. What happens if your initial pick doesn't quite live up to your expectations? Transitioning to a real estate agent may seem like a task but it's a choice that can significantly influence how things turn out in the market. Whether you're unsatisfied, with the service level, communication gaps or just looking for a viewpoint here's how homeowners can smoothly navigate the process of changing real estate agents.

A Homeowner's Guide to Changing Real Estate Agents

A Homeowner's Guide to Changing Real Estate Agents

Evaluate Your Reasons

Before taking any steps it's important to assess why you're contemplating switching agents. Are you frustrated by the lack of progress in selling your home? Do you feel like your agent isn't attentive to your needs or offering support? Pinpointing these issues will help you express your concerns and make an informed decision going forward.

Talk to Your Current Agent

Communication plays a role in any professional relationship, including the one with your real estate agent. Arrange a meeting or phone call, with your agent to openly and honestly discuss your concerns. They might not be aware of your dissatisfaction. Could be willing to address the issues to enhance the situation.
Before deciding to change agents it's important to give them a chance to fix things.

Real Estate veteran Bill Gassett, owner of Maximum Real Estate Exposure, shared some terrific advice on changing agents.

"Very few real estate agents want to hear their clients are dissatisfied....

Santa Cruz Surfing Culture

Santa Cruz Surfing CultureWhen relocating to Santa Cruz there are no doubt many questions on your mind about living in Santa Cruz, one commonly asked question is, "What is Santa Cruz known for?" Or "What makes Santa Cruz so popular?" Asking these questions helps a potential Santa Cruz homebuyer get to know the area and decide where they want to settle in or what they can expect when they get here. 

Santa Cruz is popular for many things, one of them is the surfing culture. It is said, with some dispute (not from us), that Santa Cruz is the first place in the United States to have a surfing culture. Legend tells a story of Hawaiian royalty bringing the sport to America first surfing the waters off the coast of Santa Cruz in the Monterey Bay and the sport took off in America from there. 

Santa Cruz has some of the most perfect surfing conditions in the world, and certainly in California. This is why the surf culture has long thrived in Santa Cruz County. The rocky coastline gives shelter from strong winds making the waves smooth and consistent all year. Santa Cruz offers big waves and small beach breaks, it is a place where surfers of all levels can enjoy the sport. Whether you are moving to Santa Cruz as an avid surfer or might be excited to try something new in a new home, you can do it in Santa Cruz. 

The Best Time to Get Out And Surf In Santa Cruz

As for the best time of day to surf in Santa Cruz, it is in the early morning and late afternoon when the winds are calmer. When talking...

Where to Find Great Mexican Food in Santa Cruz

Where to Find Great Mexican Food in Santa CruzSanta Cruz is full of amazing restaurants offering countless types of cuisine and all dining atmospheres from drive-thrus to cafes, to fine dining establishments with dress codes. If you are a fan of Mexican food and are relocating or have just moved to Santa Cruz you may be wondering where Santa Cruz's best Mexican restaurants are. While the true best Mexican restaurant is all subject to personal preference, we can help steer you toward the most popular Mexican restaurants to help you find your favorite. 

Santa Cruz's Most Popular Mexican Restaurants

Taqueria Los Pericos

This just might be THE most popular Mexican restaurant in Santa Cruz. Located in downtown Santa Cruz just steps from the Santa Cruz Riverwalk. This is a top-rated Santa Cruz restaurant by tourists, but also by locals. When it is beloved by locals who come over and over again, you know it's good. The venue is smaller but features some great authentic Mexican favorites. 

Taqueria Los Pericos is popular and the limited space can make it feel a bit overcrowded at times. If you are not a fan of crowds grabbing some food to go is well worth the maze of people, trust me. The favorite entrees here include the breakfast burritos, chips and salsa, Fish Tacos, and Camarones al Mojo de Ajo. 

Taqueria Santa Cruz

 If you are looking for Mexican food favorites that give a comfort food vibe this is the place to go. ...

Santa Cruz Plans for Changes to Iconic West Cliff

Santa Cruz Plans for Changes to Iconic West CliffWest Cliff Drive is one of the most popular roads in Santa Cruz County. Over the last year, the city has been gathering feedback about plans for the road from people living in Santa Cruz. The city has just released a new potential plan for West Cliff Drive. 

About Santa Cruz's West Cliff Drive

West Cliff Drive spans 3 miles along the Pacific Ocean coast in Santa Cruz providing the most amazing views of Monterey Bay. The road begins at Santa Cruz municipal wharf and takes travelers past the Santa Cruz Dream Inn, West Cliff Inn, Sea and Sand, the Seaway Inn, and into a residential neighborhood. West Cliff is popular with a mix of bikers, runners, people walking their dogs, surfers headed to Steamer Lane, tourists, and motor vehicle drivers. It is the most beautiful drive in Santa Cruz. It is a popular spot to snap a selfie and take in the views of the wharf and the Boardwalk below. You can also watch the surfers at Cowell Beach. 

Some popular spots for walkers that utilize the trail along the side of West Cliff include the lighthouse point grassy area and the surfer statue near Steamer Lane. Steamer Lane is a world-renowned surf break and an amazing spot to watch the most talented surfers in the area. The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum is also within walking distance of the Mark Abbet Memorial Lighthouse and shares information about how surfing came to Santa Cruz by way of Hawaiian royalty. Santa Cruz is recognized as the birthplace of surfing in California. Mitchell's Cove and Offleash dog area is popular with locals it is also a great place to spectate whales and dolphins....

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