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Thrill Rides for Adventure Seekers at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Thrill Rides for Adventure Seekers at the Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkIf you are relocating to Santa Cruz, you want to learn as much information about Santa Cruz as possible. Getting to know Santa Cruz and the culture will bring you to the water, the beaches, and the beach boardwalk. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an iconic landmark of Santa Cruz. It is a long-standing piece of history and modern amusement right on the best beach in California. It is a tourist hotspot, but if you move here visiting on occasion is a must to get a well-rounded feel for the culture out here. 

Visiting the boardwalk is fun for many different reasons and you should experience it at least once if you live out here. Some locals love to come to the boardwalk once in a while just to stroll through and people watch, or to get their fix of fun and unique carnival foods, some of which have been around since the boardwalk opened. If you are an adventure seeker there are a lot of fun thrill rides at the boardwalk. It is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. Let's take a look at the most thrilling rides on the Boardwalk.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Thrill Rides

These are the rides with the strictest height restrictions all but one ride require riders to be at least 48 inches tall, One ride has a minimum requirement of 50 inches and some rides allow shorter riders to ride when they are accompanied by a rider that is tall enough to ride on their own. 

Crazy Surf

A fun new ride at the park. enjoy what is described as "a super-swell of fun and excitement" on the park website....

The Pros and Cons of Living in a Santa Cruz Mobile Home Park

Santa Cruz County is an area of not only varied natural spaces from the beach to the forest and mountains but also in its housing types. You can find a beachside mansion, a tiny beach bungalow, a quiet condo with community perks, a sprawling golf estate, or a mobile home. Recently the interest in Santa Cruz mobile home parks has grown. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of living in a Mobile home.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Santa Cruz Mobile Home Park


Affordable Housing

The Pros and Cons of Living in a Santa Cruz Mobile Home ParkMore and more homebuyers are finding it difficult to purchase a truly affordable home. Some Santa Cruz buyers are wondering if they should purchase a home at all right now or if they should wait. 

Vickie Davies of Knieper Real Estate shares this in a blog article:

"If you are currently shopping for a home and find one that you can afford and meets all of your wants and some of your needs now is the time to put an offer in on it. There's no telling what homes will be for sale in the future in the area you wish to purchase a home. You don't want to end up saying, "Man I wish I would have made an offer on that home I truly loved when I had the chance."

Looking at a mobile home can open up affordable properties to more buyers. They come at a lower price point and require less maintenance costs as compared to other Santa Cruz property...

Things to Do Around Prunedale California

Things to Do Around Prunedale CaliforniaPrunedale California is becoming more and more attractive to potential homebuyers wanting to live in the Salinas area. If you are considering a move to Prunedale you may be wondering what there is to do in and around Prunedale. Knowing what activities there are in an area helps a person decide if it might be a destination they would enjoy living in. Here are some great attractions around Prundale.

San Juan Batista

San Juan Batista is just 15 to 20 minutes north of Prunedale and just off the 101. This charming small town may run at a slower pace but it is not lacking in great things to do. There is the mission, the historic downtown hub, entertainment venues, and much more. It is a popular tourist spot, but also a great spot for "locals" to get to know local store owners and find a favorite charming restaurant or place to get away on a weekend. 

Slough Trail Cherry Blossom Park Loop 

The Sough Trail system in Watsonville is somewhat of a hidden gem in a bustling city. The trails wind through Watsonville and have many great spots to stop along the way like the Cherry Blossom Park. It is just a small pocket park less than an acre with a tot lot, which is a great place to take a break if you have family with you. Another fun stop is St. Patrick's Church, a beautiful historic building. 

Monterey Coastal Trail to Castroville

Prunedale is not a coastal town but is very close to the coast....

Dining in Santa Cruz- Great Santa Cruz Restaurants for Families

Dining in Santa Cruz- Great Santa Cruz Restaurants for FamiliesSanta Cruz is a treasure trove of so many things on the central coast of California. There is a reason it is a popular tourist destination in the summer months and that so many people consider moving here. There are endless activities both in the form of modern attractions and natural outdoor spaces. Educational opportunities abound. And of course dining. There is no shortage of places to find not just a good bite to eat but an amazing bite to eat. 

If you are someone with a family, especially with really young children, you are not just looking for a dining recommendation in Santa Cruz. You are looking for a specific dining recommendation, one that will please the most discerning of eaters. One that will work for several different preferences that can please not only those tough critical little ones but also a collection of adults who hope to get a few seconds to really enjoy something cooked by someone else for a change. 

If this is you, if you are looking for a Santa Cruz restaurant that is truly family-friendly and not just featuring tasty and trendy food, read along. This list of restaurants is one for families. Restaurants with food for those with a simpler pallet or with an atmosphere that doesn't mind a little bit of lively noise. 

Santa Cruz Restaurants that are Great for Families

Hulas Island Grill

There is nothing but chill vibes in the atmosphere of this island-themed restaurant. Walking in the door at Hulas Island Grill you instantly feel like you have escaped to Hawaii. It's fun for the whole family. Enjoy Pacific Rim-inspired...

Can a Mortgage Calculator Help You Budget for a Santa Cruz Home?

Can a Mortgage Calculator Help You Budget for a Santa Cruz Home?Many people use online resources when purchasing a home in Santa Cruz. Some make use of online mortgage calculators to help them budget for a home purchase. A common question some have is if a mortgage calculator actually works. 

Mortgage calculators can be a useful tool when determining what you can afford to pay for your next Santa Cruz home, but as they are machines, they are not perfect, there are some limits to the help and insight they can offer. It is good to know what information a mortgage calculator can offer and where you want to make sure you look for expert clarification to solidify what a home could cost you. 

How Mortgage Calculators are Helpful

It is beneficial to plug preliminary information into a mortgage calculator to get a rough idea of how much a home could cost you and what your monthly mortgage payment could possibly be. Some lending websites will have more than one mortgage calculator tool. This can help you see different types of loans, what things might work out to be, and how they compare side by side. For example: comparing the aspects of a 30-year fixed rate and an adjustable-rate mortgage with the same loan amount, credit score, monthly income, etc. 

These calculator tools give a good insight into a fair expectation of what to expect when talking with a lender. A mortgage calculator can only go off the information given to them, however. There is no introspective insight and extra questions asked. There are many details that a mortgage calculator does not ask for that can make a significant impact on the ability to qualify for a mortgage and what the actual final cost and monthly payment...

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