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Garden of Eden is a Popular Swimming Spot in the Santa Cruz Area

Garden of Eden is a Popular Swimming Spot in the Santa Cruz AreaOne of the biggest draws to Santa Cruz is its location on the Monterey Bay. When you think about Santa Cruz and the beach you probably get excited about the opportunity for frequently enjoying the water especially if you love to swim. The beaches of Santa Cruz are great but there are also some hidden gem swimming spots around the Santa Cruz area. One of the most popular known only by locals swimming pools is the Garden of Eden tucked into the Santa Cruz mountains.

How to get to the Garden of Eden in Santa Cruz

The Garden of Eden is a spot located inside Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. When traveling from downtown Santa Cruz it is only 15 minutes outside of the city. It is a not-so-secret secret spot in Santa Cruz. The best way to get there is to take Highway Nine until you get to the dirt parking lot near the north entrance to Henry Cowell State Park.

When you get to the dirt road you will then look for the ox trailhead. It is good to know that you will need to do a little bit of hiking to get to this amazing spot. You will hike along the ox trail through the amazing Santa Cruz redwood forest and look for the railroad tracks. When you find the train tracks follow them to the right. As you follow the train tracks you will see a sign for the Garden of Eden swimming pools on the left. If you are not a hiker do not worry the trail is fairly easy and it is only about 3/4 of a mile to the Garden of Eden.


Making Living in Your Santa Cruz Home While Selling it Less Stressful

Making Living in Your Santa Cruz Home While Selling it Less StressfulWhen selling your Santa Cruz home there are several details to get arranged and it can become stressful, especially while you are trying to conduct all of your regular daily tasks and activities. It can become a little more stressful when trying to navigate living in the home while it is actively listed for sale because this means keeping the home clean and ready for potential buyers to see at any moment.

Unless you have a professional maid service that comes to your home daily, or you are just someone who really loves to clean and has the time, it can feel impossible to keep your home clean so that it is ready for in-person viewing. But with the right organization and preparations, it can be a lot less stressful of a process. 

Making Living in Your Santa Cruz Home While Selling it Less Stressful

Start Packing While Getting Your Home Ready

A large task in selling a home that can feel overwhelming is getting all of your things packed up. Before listing the home for sale while getting it ready to be seen, start packing up things you don't need for daily living and won't need until after your move. This helps you get a jump start on this large task making it less daunting when you have an offer and only 30 days to get out of the home. It also helps to keep things simple in your home so that buyers can see more of the home and less of how you enjoyed the home and made it fit your lifestyle. 

Create a Plan for Access to Your Home With Your Agent

Many homeowners agree that one of the most stressful aspects of...

Why is Santa Cruz Popular for Retirement?

Why is Santa Cruz Popular for Retirement?Santa Cruz is located on the central California coast in the Bay Area on the shores of Monterey Bay. Santa Cruz has long been one of the most popular places to visit and live in coastal California. It is especially popular among people looking to retire to a dream destination. If you are in your golden years or approaching them you may be considering a relocation to Santa Cruz and wondering if it is the right choice. Here is why so many people choose to retire in the Santa Cruz area.

Outdoor spaces

The outdoor beauty of Santa Cruz is what draws most people here. This coastal California town is not tiny but not large and overwhelming making it a great mix of both modern amenities and relaxed charm. Enjoying the outdoors has many benefits from staying active and fit to improving mental health and quality of life as well as its low cost to enjoy outdoor spaces. When it comes to getting outside there are three popular activities in Santa Cruz hanging out at the beach, exploring the majestic redwood forests, and enjoying the large collection of great golf courses.

Here is a TripAdvisor review about Cowell's Beach:

"The beach is close to everything: the wharf, the boardwalk, hotels, restaurants, shops. There are public restrooms and fresh water showers. Plenty of places close by to rent boogie boards, umbrellas, beach chairs, surf boards and wetsuits. Nice little beach, great for beginner surfers. I watched a lot of people exiting the water with huge smiles on their faces after surfing. Lots of tourists from foreign lands, families with...

Santa Cruz's Most Popular Neighborhoods

Santa Cruz's Most Popular NeighborhoodsSanta Cruz California is one of the most popular and charming coastal cities in California. It is full of stunning beaches and amazing natural beauty coupled with a quirky atmosphere and a warm community of residents. It is a fun blend of forests, mountains, and beaches along with modern urban spaces and character. Not only is Santa Cruz a mix of everything great in the area it also has a wonderful collection of neighborhoods. Let's explore the most popular and desirable that are on the top of many Santa Cruz homebuyers' lists

Santa Cruz's most popular neighborhoods


The Seabright neighborhood of Santa Cruz is popular for its beautiful beaches including the one named after the neighborhood entitled Seabright Beach. The beach is full of charming landmarks like the Walton lighthouse. It is very close to larger beach attractions like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Santa Cruz Harbour. The home is it in Seabright giving buyers a choice of Victorian and Mediterranean revival architectural styles. There are a number of both single-family and multi-family properties in the Sea Bright area which is not only beautiful but one of the most conveniently located in Santa Cruz. 

Lower ocean

Lower Ocean is located near downtown Santa Cruz and is easily walkable to several area restaurants and shops as well as entertainment venues. It is not only popular for its location...

Where Can You Get a Good Burger in Santa Cruz County?

Where Can You Get a Good Burger in Santa Cruz County?Santa Cruz is a charming city with a long list of great restaurants. Santa Cruz restaurants are always on the top of the search subjects in Santa Cruz. If you are relocating to Santa Cruz you too have probably searched for the best restaurants. When moving to a new place finding the best spots to get our favorite foods is important. If you are someone that loves a good burger we have put together a few lists for you. 

Asking someone where to get a great burger is subject to their personal opinions. So instead of just providing you with one list and one perspective of the best burgers, I thought it could be a good idea to include five lists with their five highest-ranked burger restaurants in Santa Cruz.

According to Trip Advisor

If you are looking for a true insider perspective on Santa Cruz restaurants so that you can find the best burger in the city or the county, you might be wondering why we started with Trip Advisor. This is because Trip Adviser uses the reviews of actual diners to compile their lists. They take the reviews and then rank restaurants from the results. Trip Advisor may be a national website, but using actual real-life opinions helps you to form your own. These opinions are not just from local diners but diners visiting Santa Cruz who are sometimes more discerning because they are expecting an exceptional experience while on a trip. 

  • Jack O'Neill Restaurant and Lounge
  • ...
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