New Construction Santa Cruz County Homes- Which Type is best for You?

Some Santa Cruz homebuyers are looking for brand-new homes that they can move right into and not need to plan to fix anything for a few years. When it comes to purchasing a new construction home there are different options to consider. This can include a spec home, a track home, or a custom home. Let's look at the details of each one to help you determine which new construction home could be right for you.New Construction Santa Cruz County Homes- Which Type is best for You?

Spec home

A spec home is a new construction home that was built without a specific style of buyer in mind. This type of home is not built within a plant community but is built on property that a developer may have already purchased but has not been developed along with land surrounding it. It could also be a plot of land that has been sitting unsold in a planned community that a developer decides to pick up and place a home on to make a bit of profit. It is a one-and-done home built simply to put a home on the lot and continue doing business.

Sometimes a spec home might be something built from a previous catalog of floorplans the builder has used in the past or it could be that the builder is unique and doesn't work with large community builds but rather works on a smaller scale to build a home here or there. It is a home in which the buyer does not pick out the overall floor plan design but may have a hand in picking out some of the finish elements if they put a purchase offer on the home before construction is complete.

Tract home

This is the most commonly thought about type of new construction home. This is a home that is built within a planned new housing community. If a construction company purchases a large plot of land and plots out several tracts of land to construct homes that are similar in size and floorplan. Typically neighborhoods offer two or three different floorplans and homes within the neighborhood are very similar to one another. A tract home is great for a home buyer who is looking for a neighborhood that is simple and will have an easy move-in. When it comes to new construction homes this is often the most affordable of new construction properties. Depending upon the builder a buyer can choose a limited amount of custom finishes to go in the home but there is no customization in the floorplan or the land around the home.

Sometimes these homes can feel a bit unimaginative and because of this, some have called new construction neighborhoods cookie-cutter homes. This is a description to mean that the same home has been replicated over and over into the landscape just like cutting out cookies from rolled dough.

Depending upon the type of planned community these homes can come with community amenities and an HOA. Sometimes they are conveniently placed within minutes from amenities in densely populated areas. There are some nice conveniences to planned community tract homes and there can be what some consider if you drop box. Homes are brand new and everything inside is in good condition but homes can sometimes be closer together and feel less custom.

Custom home

A custom home is built to the exact specifications ordered by the home purchaser. This is often the most expensive new construction home to invest in. It means having a home exactly how you want it from the ground up. The home buyer gets to choose what everything looks like in the home from the floorplan to the finishes to the paint colors etc.

It can be difficult for a home buyer to design their own home and truly make it something that they love. If you have a hard time making a decision this might not be the best investment in new construction for you. You may prefer a premade floor plan already offered by a home builder. It is good to also consider financing a custom-built home. Often this requires a land purchase and a different type of mortgage loan called a construction loan. These loans can be a little more difficult to secure so it is a good idea to consider the requirements of this loan before heading out to shop for the perfect piece of land.

If you are considering a new construction home in Santa Cruz I can help. Contact me anytime for all of your Santa Cruz real estate needs. I'm highly experienced in Santa Cruz County and Monterey County real estate I am here to help make your homebuying adventure one that you will enjoy.

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