Reasons to Choose a Condo Instead of a House in Santa Cruz

Reasons to Choose a Condo Instead of a House in Santa CruzThe city of Santa Cruz has many amazing condo properties. If you are trying to decide between purchasing a condo or a single-family home in Santa Cruz here are a few reasons why you might lean more toward purchasing the condo.


If you are hoping to live right inside the Santa Cruz city limits then finding a condo may be just a little bit easier than a single-family property. Often in convenient walkable locations, there are more multifamily properties as compared to single-family properties. If you have not ruled out a condo and you want a walkable home then you may have an easier time finding a condo.

Price tag

Condo properties often come with a lower price tag as compared to a single-family home. Some would say this is because the square footage is much smaller than what is available on a single-family property. But you may be surprised to find that some condos have as much square footage as a single-family home. While larger condos do come at a steeper price higher than the more abundant smaller ones it is a possibility to find a condo with a very roomy floor plan.


A condo property is like a step between renting and single-family living. Owning a home puts a lot of responsibility on the owner's plate to make sure the property is running well, safe, and retains its good condition. Every single aspect of the property is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. This along with the price tag of a single-family home is a big extra cost and a large time requirement.

With a condo property, you are solely responsible for the property within the four walls after you cross the threshold of your condo. Everything outside of your condo is community property. While this does require paying condo association dues it comes at a lesser cost and no time requirement on the condo owner's part at all. So if you run a busy schedule condo living can be a great asset.


Unless you purchase a home in a very fancy housing community you will not find community amenities available for your use. Pretty much every condo property offers the homeowner the use of a community asset like a swimming pool or a fitness center. It is not hard to find condo properties with these extra amenities a condo community with a fitness center can help you to save on those extra costs of gym ownership.


Santa Cruz is full of some of the most breathtaking views of the forest, Santa Cruz mountains, and of course Monterey Bay. Single-family properties do offer great views in Santa Cruz but sometimes a condo property offers a breathtaking view you cannot find from a single-family home. If taking in the outdoor natural beauty from your windows is a major want on your home buying list a condo property is going to give you the most amazing viewpoints. And still at that lesser price tag. Single-family properties with views instantly retain a higher property value which means a higher price tag for the buyer. A condo can increase in price with a view but not at the rate that single-family properties do.

If you are considering the purchase of a condo or a single-family home in Santa Cruz I am here to help. Contact me anytime with any Santa Cruz real estate needs I am highly experienced in all Santa Cruz County real estate and want you to find a Santa Cruz home you'll love.

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