Reasons to Live Outside of Downtown Santa Cruz

Downtown Santa Cruz is easily one of the most popular areas to settle in the city for its Walkability within one of Central Coastal California's most loved cities. Santa Cruz is dynamicReasons to Live Outside of Downtown Santa Cruz and upbeat with countless things to do from amazing restaurants to great entertainment and all different kinds of shopping. It is easy to be at the beach one minute and in a museum, the next, or experience locally made ice cream and walk just a few blocks away to get the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted.

But Santa Cruz is also known as an area with highly desirable real estate that comes with an expected increase in the market value of homes. Though it is a dream to live right in downtown Santa Cruz and be right in all of the action, there are some great affordable neighborhoods just outside of downtown that you could fall in love with just as easily if you are searching for a home at a lower price point. There are many reasons to consider neighborhoods just beyond the downtown Santa Cruz limits.

Quieter neighborhoods

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to live outside of downtown Santa Cruz is that it affords you a quieter atmosphere as compared to living within the downtown limits. Santa Cruz is a vibrant fun city but it is also a busy bustling city and with this comes the noise of the hustle and bustle. This is why more and more young families moving to Santa Cruz have found that neighborhoods just outside of downtown or even a bit further removed are ideal for everyday enjoyment.

The busyness of downtown especially during tourist season can become overwhelming and can take a toll on other aspects of life beyond peace and quiet, such as safety. Surrounding communities like Live Oak just east of downtown Santa Cruz is not always at the top of a downtown Santa Cruz search list but it is becoming more and more recognized for its quieter neighborhoods, highly rated schools, and growing list of amenities.

Easier to find large scenic properties

If you are someone that would prefer a home with a bit more stretching room then downtown may not be your best fit after all. It is much easier to find homes with plenty of elbow room and a bit of land outside of downtown Santa Cruz. If you are looking for homes with a view there is a much larger list to choose from as you pull away from the city limits. 

Some people love the shoreline of Santa Cruz and who can blame them? But when discovering that there is a whole mountainous world in Santa Cruz County people begin to shift their perspective of what their dream Santa Cruz home looks like. Finding a home higher on top of a hill that gives you views of both mountains and valleys in addition to the coastline feels like you have benefited from it all in one location and often with a lot more space. Locations like Aptos and Soquel feature excellent views from high hilly elevations that you cannot find within downtown Santa Cruz. The scenic homes in Felton make you feel like you are in a fairytale forest but you are only 15 to 20 minutes from the downtown center of Santa Cruz. And just beyond that are the iconic beaches.

Outdoor enthusiasts are closer to the outdoors

One of the reasons people love Santa Cruz so much is to be able to enjoy the outdoor spaces. The most popular outdoor space is of course the beach but there are also the many amazing hiking trails, the redwoods, the state parks, and beyond. You can more easily enjoy these spaces without requiring a drive by being closer to them. Living downtown means enjoying outdoor spaces can take a little longer to get to them. If you are moving to Santa Cruz because you love the nature of it all then living outside of downtown is probably more your style.

There are many great reasons to live within the downtown limits of Santa Cruz but there are also several great reasons to consider making your search cast just a bit wider and looking for the equally, if not even more amazing, surrounding areas of Santa Cruz.

If you are looking for a home in Santa Cruz I can help. I am a local realtor highly knowledgeable in all Santa Cruz and Monterey County real estate and would love to talk about what your dream Santa Cruz home looks like. I am here to answer any of your Santa Cruz real estate questions and help you find the perfect Santa Cruz home.

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