Recycling Materials From DIY Projects in Your Santa Cruz Home

Recycling Materials From DIY Projects in Your Santa Cruz HomeAs you make improvements around your Santa Cruz home you may find that there are extra materials left over from those projects. Sometimes you will want to retain some extra materials in case you need to repair but in some cases, you may not need as much material as is left over.

What can you do with these leftover materials? Some may fit into the garbage, some may not, and some may be allowed to go into your regular garbage but some may require special actions to unload the product. Here are some helpful tips for getting rid of scraps from home improvements in your Santa Cruz home.

Wood Scraps

Several different projects require the use of wood and the scraps can pile up quickly as often projects using wood materials require cutting wood down into custom shapes and sizes to fit your project. If you don't have a use for them and they are taking up a lot of space you can unload wood scraps in many different ways.

For larger pieces that might be reused for other projects, you could consider selling them on social media and other reselling groups such as Offer Up. You could also consider donating scraps to salvage yards and charities like Habitat for Humanity. You can also offer the scraps for free on a social media site or in a buy-nothing group. If a wood scrap is small enough it can be added to a compost pile.


Tile is a great material to retain scraps for repairs in your home. If you have a significant amount of tile scraps or have removed tile from an old project you may consider offering it for free or taking it to a center that receives reusable materials. It is not a good idea to deposit tile in the trash because it is too heavy for the everyday garbage load and you do not want to get hit with a fine.


Depending on the type of metal you may be able to simply deposit the metal straight into your recycling bin. Make sure to check the local parameters for recycling in your Santa Cruz neighborhood. You can also take small used and unusable metal scraps and fill them in a bucket. Once the bucket is full you could take it to a scrap yard. If you have a significant amount of scrap metal you may even be able to receive money for it.

If you have a part that is reusable and someone might need you may be able to take it and resell it to a reuse center or a pawn shop. You might even ask a local school if their shop class could use the materials. For very large pieces of metal, you may check with a local disposal service in your area.

Most scrap housing project materials can be sold or offered for a giveaway on social media or sites like Offer Up. You can also check in with salvage and reuse stores like Habitat for Humanity or you could offer to donate things to programs that don't have large budgets like school programs. There is always a way to keep things out of the landfill and make a lesser impact on the environment even with materials you use for home improvement.

For information on buying or selling homes in Santa Cruz contact me anytime. I am here to help make your Santa Cruz real estate adventure as stress-free as possible. I am highly knowledgeable and both buying and selling homes and have helped many Santa Cruz residents with their real estate needs.

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