Stillwater Cove, Ocean View Homes in Pebble Beach

Individuals who have thought about purchasing Ocean view homes in Pebble Beach should know that doing so will grant them access to one of the region's most scenic areas: Stillwater Cove. Filled with numerous attractions and recreational activities, this region will keep you and your family active and alive during vacation season or throughout the entire year should you choose to settle here permanently. 

stillwater cove in pebble beach

Beautiful Beaches

One of the biggest benefits of buying Ocean view homes in Pebble Beach is that doing so situates you near the public beach at Stillwater Cove. The beach extends out below the community's golf course and is filled with beautiful white sand. Individuals who enjoy the active lifestyle can scuba dive when they visit the beach, and touring companies will oftentimes make kayaking tours available. Those who prefer to rest and relax on the beach can sunbathe and take in the beautiful scenery without moving a muscle!

Tourist Attractions

stillwater cove fishing in pebble beachAnother great attribute of Stillwater is that it offers you an incredible view from the pier. When you look to the west, you'll see the strands of kelp and rocky pinnacle that define the Pescadero Rocks. To the right you'll see Pescadero Point as well as the "Castle House." This large pink house is the most famous, expensive home in the Pebble Beach region. As the site for several movies, the House is a wonderful tourist attraction that you can visit to learn more about the entertainment world and how Stillwater has contributed to its evolution. Some other great attractions of Stillwater include the exclusive Beach and Tennis Club and Arrowhead Point.


perch fish in stillwater coveAnother great reason to choose the Stillwater region is that the environment is conducive to fishing. In fact, many people enjoy fishing for fin fish when they visit the region. Some of the most common fish include the striped Seaperch and Blackperch. Rockfish show up occasionally, and visitors might also spot a few Lingcod and Cabezon. Some of the other fish one might come across include the flatfish, bat rays, and leopard sharks.


stillwater cove golf courseIndividuals who love the world of golfing should know that Stillwater is home to the Pebble Beach Golf Course. This is one of the world's most beautiful and famous golf courses, and the 4th hole is located right next to the shoreline. If you're looking to build strong relationships with people in the local area, consider joining the Stillwater Yacht Club. The SYC is a dynamic community of people who enjoy sailing, cooking, gardening, and various other social activities.

Summing It All Up

If you're serious about visiting or settling in a region conducive to healthy, happy living, now is the time to consider Stillwater. Whether you enjoy the active lifestyle or leisurely times on a beautiful beach, this is the ideal setting in which to enjoy yourself. By purchasing Ocean view homes in Pebble Beach now, you can get on the road to living life to the fullest!

ocean view homes pebble beach stillwater cove


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