Things to Consider if Your Santa Cruz Home Isn't Selling

Things to Consider if Your Santa Cruz Home Isn't SellingIf you have listed your Santa Cruz home for sale and the home listing has expired it is understandable that you may be frustrated, disappointed, or confused as to why your home isn't selling. Especially during a seller's market with low inventory. Here are some questions to ask about your home selling experience to help you decide what actions to take next with your Santa Cruz home.

Was the Home marketed well?

A first impression in many scenarios is incredibly important and the first impression of your home to buyers matters significantly. You want to make sure that your home is ready to show at its best and that it has been presented to as many Santa Cruz homebuyers as possible. It is hard for buyers to be interested in a home and make an offer on it if they are not aware is for sale or if there's something about it that seems offputting in listing photos.

When a home is for sale you want to do your best to make it stand out and have it catch the eye of a buyer. But you can't catch a buyer's eye if a buyer isn't seeing the home. You want to make sure you are hiring the right local professional help that will get the word out that your home is available for sale and you want to get your home freshened up and ready to show at its best.

A great real estate agent will help you to prepare your home to be seen both inside and out and will help you to make the online listing look enticing and place it where it is easily seen to attract a buyer's eye and attract as many buyers as possible.

Is the home priced well?

One of the biggest setbacks to selling a home within a fair amount of time is making sure that the home is listed at fair market value. Making sure you have the right list price for your property is crucial to selling your home to a serious buyer within a shorter amount of time. Pricing a home above its market value will cause already cautious buyers worried about affordability to move on to the next home. Pricing it below market value will cause buyers to wonder what is wrong with the home or if the real estate representative is trying to begin a bidding war which leads to someone purchasing a home for much more than it is worth. Many buyers do not want to step into a bidding war situation with the possibility of an appraisal gap that would require extra cash out of their savings.

Was access to the home limited?

A Santa Cruz home can be painstaking when it comes to allowing potential buyers to come and look at the home. This means constantly being on alert and remaining extremely flexible and ready to leave your home at a moment's notice so that buyers can drop by to look at the property. Some home sellers try to set an appointment request which is fine but some take it too far and limit showing appointments to very small windows of time and certain days. Limiting access to allow buyers to see the home in person means that fewer buyers will come by. It is tough to have your home as clean as possible all the time and to pick up and head out of the house last minute but the more access you can have for potential buyers to be able to see the home the larger number of buyers you will have come into the home and the higher possibility you have selling the home.

It can be very inconsiderate for a real estate agent to call you at the drop of a hat and say they were just around the corner with their clients and noticed your home and would like to come take a look but it could mean the difference between your home being on the market a little longer or receiving an offer within a couple of days. This doesn't mean you should allow a real estate agent to interrupt family dinner time but it is worth considering being as flexible as possible to get as many showings in as possible.

If you have a Santa Cruz home listed that is not selling there could be several reasons. If you have questions about why you're home may not be selling I can help. I am here to help clients ssell their Santa Cruz homes for the best price possible in a reasonable time frame. Contact me anytime with any Santa Cruz real estate needs.

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