Upgrading Home to Pro, Perfect for Happy Aging

Once upon a time your house was filled with the laughter and happy chaos of children but now they have all grown up and moved away from the family home. Should you be looking for other Pacific Grove homes for sale? Why not consider instead remaining in your familiar home and neighborhood and upgrade and redesign the spaces to better meet your needs as you grow older.

Many older adults choose to downsize to smaller homes once their children move out on their own but many more choose the option of upgrading their current family to make it more “user friendly”. The facts are that with aging the body sometimes just can’t do what it once did, as well as it did. That does not mean however that you need to move away from the treasured family home and all the memories made and stored there. Upgrading the family home to meet your current and future needs is a viable and acceptable option.

Upgrading and Redesigning for Better Functionality

Your family home likely had more than one storey to it, with numerous bedrooms and likely more than one bathroom. Even though your kids have moved out you know they will be back, filling the house once again during holiday gatherings, or simply for surprise visits. And if they should have children of their own in the future you will definitely need those rooms and extra bathrooms. 

For now, for you and your partner, the house can be redesigned to make your everyday life easier. Simple additions and adjustments can make for less strain and chance of injury, ease of movement, and better accessibility.

Ideas and Tips to Help You with Your Redesign Plans:

As you may already be aware aging does not always happen as gracefully as we hope. Illness, injury, and circumstances beyond your control can lead to difficulties with mobility, coordination, and decreased energy levels. Redesigning your current house will make it much easier for you to remain in the family home, comfortably.

tips redesign home for seniorsThe main areas that you should focus on are the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, with future considerations to widening doorways, stairways, and easier access to the outdoor spaces. To help with some ideas and inspiration you might consider visiting some Pacific Grove homes for sale in you area to see how others have handled redesign issues.

Create a Bedroom on the Main Floor

Consider converting that downstairs den or extra living/dining space in to a main floor master bedroom. Removing or adding a wall can help create the perfect space. Besides, with the children gone from the household there probably isn’t any reason why you should be climbing stairs fifteen times a day.

Create a Bathroom on the Main Floor

If there isn’t a bathroom already in existence on your main floor you can take a little used closet or pantry space and convert it in to a simple two piece bathroom.

Revamp and Redesign an Existing Bathroom

If there is a bathroom on your main house floor then consider making some simple changes. For example, you might install touch faucets. These are wonderful additions for anyone dealing with arthritic changes in the hands. 

New non-slip flooring is ideal for everyone including those grandchildren you may someday have come to visit. Plus there are some real elegant walk-in shower/tub designs that come highly recommended by doctors and therapists.

Kitchen Redesign

A total redesign of the kitchen can be a costly endeavor but it might not be necessary. Making simple changes such as easier grip knobs/handles on cupboards and rearranging the contents of those cupboards may be all that is necessary.

You might also consider installing an island that has a lower counter top and a built in microwave for better access and preparation space.

Replacing faucets with motion or touch sensors can also make a huge difference in ease of use.

Elevators and Stair Lifts

If accessing the upper levels of your home on a near daily basis is not an option but it is proving to be a challenging one physically the options of installing an elevator or stair lift system are available and less expensive than you may think. If you are planning on remaining in the family home for many more years then the cost of such installations will be well worth the investment.

Both of these options will require professional installation; this is not a job for a “do-it myself-handyman” kind of job.

Main Floor Laundry

With the children gone you will undoubtedly need to frequent the laundry room less often. As with your master bedroom it may make your life more comfortable moving the laundry room to the main floor. And while you are at it why not consider smaller washer and drying machines.

Outdoor Spaces

Large outdoor spaces are great for growing kids but now all that space may seem overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider when upgrading your home:

*  Consider redesigning the garage door to include an automatic lift and a lighter weight material

*  Install self-cleaning gutters along your roof

*  Fill in the below ground pool, or remove the above ground. If you plan on keeping the swimming pool then consider hiring someone for regular maintenance

Other Considerations:

Hired Help

If finances allow you might also consider hiring help to help with the household cleaning. Though the kid’s rooms won’t be used on a regular basis they will still be in need of regular cleaning.

There are many things you can to your existing family home that will allow you to remain living there comfortably as you age. Keeping the familiar doesn’t have to mean struggling with the daily tasks of life. With some simple redesign and upgrades your family home can continue to make more memories to be cherished for many more generations.


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