Ways to Make Aging-in-Place Upgrades that Won't Impact Home Value

It is not uncommon for homeowners to want to remain in their homes as they enter into their golden years. In some cases, this may require some home renovations or adjustments to make the home more easily accessible. But special renovations like these can make the home more difficult to sell should you ever decide you would like to because the home is full of items that would be useful to a small set of potential buyers.Ways to Make Aging-in-Place Upgrades that Won't Impact Home Value

There is a way that you can make your home ready for aging in place without taking away from its value or appeal of it. Here are some aging-in-place adjustments that can be made to a home that will help it to retain its value or may make it even more valuable and appealing.

Temporary Ramps and Railings

Sticking with temporary ramps and railings as opposed to permanently affixed ones is a much better and more cost-effective way to go. In the event of selling the home they can be easily removed. You can even rent one of these for a short period of time for less than the cost to purchase. Adding landscaping and shrubs to partially obscure the fixture will help to enhance aesthetics as well.

Choose to Utilize Only One Floor

Instead of installing an expensive stair lift to upper floors that will have to be removed by new homeowners that will not need it, consider putting the investment towards addition to the home that will increase its value or simply adjusting the way you use your home to use just one floor of the home for most of your daily needs.

Adding a first-floor master suite will allow you to have one-level living while adding a significant amount of value to the home as opposed to deterring some buyers when they see a large cumbersome chairlift in the stairway. You could even simply convert less used first-floor space into the master suite which could save even more money in renovation costs but bring maximum value to the home.

Add a first-floor bathroom

Surprisingly there are still a great number of homes around the country that do not have a bathroom on the main living level. In keeping with the point above of creating a one level living space make sure to include a bathroom. This has been shown to be one of the highest return on investment projects and home improvements. Just make sure to try and avoid installing anything personalized to a specific user that would need to be removed or need a renovation to remove it. For example permanently fixing a shower seat to a shower wall requires the entire wall to be demoed to take it out.

Installing lower surfaces and more accessible features in the kitchen

Sometimes homeowners think that their kitchen will need a major overhaul for them to be able to continue using it as they age place. There are actually some fairly easy adjustments you can make in the kitchen without completely overhauling it. For example, installing a below-the-counter microwave or drawer microwave can make this more easily accessible for those with limited mobility and also be a highlight when you go to sell the home for a young family as it is more easily usable for children.

One way you can bring in a lower counter space is with the addition of an island this allows those that may need a mobility aid to still use counter space without completely lowering every surface in the kitchen and making it less desirable for future buyers.

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Lots of lighting

Having lots of lighting is not only great to be able to safely maneuver around and see into every space it also brings an enhanced level to the aesthetic of a space. In other words, lots of light is helpful for safety and makes a room more appealing to the eyes. More light helps to make a room feel more spacious and open which is very appealing to buyers.

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