What is the Best Food at Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

What is the Best Food at Santa Cruz Boardwalk?The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the most recognized landmark in the city of Santa Cruz California. With time those who live here may consider it only a spot to keep tourists happy but several local people love a good stroll around the boardwalk on any day to take in the views of the ocean and people watch. It might be a place that tourists are drawn to but it is also home to substantial Santa Cruz history and nostalgic culture that Santa Cruz brings to the world.

If you are just moving to Santa Cruz you are probably excited to check out the boardwalk and might be interested in learning a little bit about what there is to do there. You may decide you want to visit it on an afternoon with your family and might like some insider tips on the best food to fuel your crowd as you soak up the sunshine, salt air, and classic nostalgic Santa Cruz scenery. It can be tough when you have your family in tow or even if you are just overly hungry yourself to go wandering down the boardwalk aimlessly looking for something at amusement park prices that won't be disappointing to eat. So here's a guide to help you out and choose some of the best dishes that won't disappoint when you visit the boardwalk.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk's best food

The Açai Bowls and Crepes at Crouzon Crepes

If you are looking for something fresh and light on a hot day the acai bowls at Cruzin' Crepes are incredibly popular. They provide something refreshing on a hot day but also something that is actually nutrient-packed and good for you. Who would have ever thought you could get actual healthy food at an amusement park? 

Also on the menu and a boardwalk favorite are the crepes. There is more than just your expected sweet treat filled with syrup-laced fruit or chocolate spread. You can find something savory here too. Looking for a substantial main food meal to keep you happy until your next favorite snack? This is the place to stop.

The deep-fried artichokes, and fresh-dipped corndogs, at Surf City Grill

Another great place to grab an actual meal is Durf City Grill. This is one of the largest establishments on the boardwalk and a long-time favorite spot. Don't be fooled by the giant glazed donuts in the window. (Which are popular in themselves) This is the spot to enjoy a classic amusement park favorite the corndog but not just any corn dog, one with freshly dipped cornbread batter, none of the pre-made frozen stuff. 

For a unique Santa Cruz boardwalk bit you have got to grab a deep-fried artichoke to go on the side of your corn dog. These artichokes are the best way to get a serving of veggies in. They are not made until you order them and you receive them piping hot and fresh. Make sure to grab some ranch dressing dip, it's so good!

Popcorn Laced with Flaming Hot Cheetos at Beachside Snacks

Popcorn is another classic amusement park food, but you have never had popcorn like this before. If you are not a fan of spicy food this one is not for you, but if you enjoy some heat, you need to try this popcorn. This is not pulled from a bag, it is fresh pooped sprinkled with cheddar cheese dust and mixed with small bits of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Want a perfect cool refreshment pairing to go with your snack? Grab a nice cold ICEE slush drink. We suggest upgrading to the free refill option. 

Deep-fried Everything at Deep Fried Twinkies

Would it be a true boardwalk if you didn't enjoy a deep-fried something? What makes deep-fried things even better? When it comes in sweet treat form. Stop by the deep-fried Twinkies stand and get the original signature dish for which the booth is named or try the increasingly popular deep-fried Oreo. Need something more substantial? The deep-fried Uncrustable sandwich is a hit. 

Spicy Thai Peanut Wraps at BoardWok

More things to try for spicy food lovers and not all that unhealthy either. The spicy Thai peanut wrap is an easy food to enjoy as you walk around. Wrapped in lettuce and filled with delicious chicken smothered in amazing peanut sauce. You won't be disappointed. 

Chocolate Covered Bacon at Marinis Candies

Marinis Candies has been a boardwalk icon since the 1940s. This eye-catching store is full of bins and bins of sweet candies. The most popular are the saltwater taffy and the chocolate-covered bacon. Can you even say you have been to the boardwalk if you haven't been to Marinis? It has been in the family for four generations and is truly beloved by Santa Cruz locals. 

Dippin' Dots

This classic ice cream treat featuring little balls of flash-frozen ice cream in delicious flavors is a great way to enjoy America's favorite frozen treat on a summer day. What you may not know is that the Dippin' Dot stands at the boardwalk, and several other stands, are also family-owned. This family-owned franchise has been a presence in Santa Cruz for many years run by a family that has been present on the boardwalk for over 70 years, the current owning family members reside in Santa Cruz. 

There is so much to love when you move to Santa Cruz. The boardwalk may become your favorite place for a special day on the beach. For more information on available Santa Cruz homes, contact me any time. I am here for any of your Santa Cruz real estate needs. 

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